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How To Choose The Appropriate Type Of Martial Art Training

Now a days it seems like there is “martial arts” class in every fitness oriented establishment not just in a dedicated martial arts studio.  Due to the overwhelming number of choices, it can be incredibly hard to tell the difference between who is a legitimate practitioner and which is a legitimate establishment worth your hard earned money.

Ask these simple questions and you will find that the answers will help narrow down your choices:

How long has the instructor been training in the Martial Art?

How long has the instructor been teaching the particular Martial Art class?

How long has the Martial art studio been open?

Obviously, the longer the instructor has been training the Martial Art, teaching the Martial Art class, and if the Martial Art studio has been open for a long time it shows that the instructor know what they are doing.

At New York Martial Arts Academy, we pride ourselves in providing quality Martial Art instruction since 1985.

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