Fitness Program

 New York Martial Arts Academy’s “Strength and Conditioning” program is tailored to bring about and develop the unique attributes that allow our students to become better Jeet Kune Do practitioners. The ideal martial artist needs to possess: explosiveness, power, speed, quickness, balance, strength, and good reaction time. All these attributes may be achieved by the use of different modalities, such as, resistance training, plyometric training, core conditioning, flexibility training, joint integrity exercises, speed drills, agility, and quickness drills. The training methodology used at NYMAA is implemented over a year long system or “periodization training” which may be understood as an annual plan that divides an athlete’s training into different cycles in order to manage fatigue, reduce risk of injuries, and achieve peak performance.  The program is taught in a class atmosphere, yet is still individualized based on each students training history and health status. Our individualized  “Strength and Conditioning"  program initially focuses on  general physical fitness and, in time, our students are introduced to martial art specific physical training, which will enhance those attributes necessary for our students to perform Jeet Kune Do at a much higher level.