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Best in the Business

I have had the pleasure of training with and learning from some of the best martial artists of our time. They've taught me more than techniques. I've learned a little about the psychology of what it takes to make someone truly great at their craft. My interactions with people like Sifu Chris Kent, Sifu Ted Wong, Marcelo Garcia, and Vougar Oroudjov were so valuable in a variety of ways. Sifu Ted Wong had the best footwork I've ever seen. He spent more time training one on one with Bruce Lee than any other student and by a long shot. His ability to generate force from both short and long distance was like no one I've ever seen. Sifu Chris Kent is able to put multiple aspects of combat together unlike any other JKD practitioner. He also has a deep understanding of what JKD is and what it isn't. His understanding and skill with the weapon, mainly the knife, is second to none. Marcelo Garcia is arguably the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner of our time. He's a 4x ADCC champion and 5x world champion. Vougar Oroudjov won the Olympic bronze medal and 2x world champion in freestyle wrestling. 

Here are 6 things all of these gentlemen have in common:

1. They all believe repetition is the mother of all skill. 

-They all spent an enormous amount of time refining their techniques and strategies. They don't search for new moves but ways to make the moves they know sharper and more effective. 

2. They deal with adversity well. 

-Everyone is mentally strong when things are going their way. These gentlemen were able to overcome challenges where others quit. Quitting is easy but hanging in there when things are tough builds character and breads success. 

3. They all loved sharing their knowledge and ideas. 

-Teaching is so rewarding when you have a passion for the subject matter. It feels good to give and help others grow. 

4. They are all humble but confident. 

-None of them bragged about how great they are but have a serious skill and are very dangerous people. Even though they were humble there is an air confidence in all of them. They aren't the type of people that will get rolled over in any kind of interaction. 

5. Their craft is part of who they are and it got the best out of them. 

-All four of these gentlemen light up when they get to do what they love. 

6. They believe in themselves. 

-All of them have had moments of doubt in their abilities but overcame the urge to give into those limiting beliefs. They create opportunities from challenges and grow from every struggle.