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Learn Martial Arts in Queens

Martial Arts Classes in Queens

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Queens Martial Arts Facility

New York’s Jeet Kune Do Academy

Looking for a Queens martial arts academy that cultivates your mind, body and spirit’s true potential? Need a new activity to keep your children active and self-confident? Let our staff of second and third generation Bruce Lee students teach you a new method of exercise that will benefit you physically and mentally!  Jeet Kune Do, developed by Bruce Lee himself, is a martial art that promotes overall wellness and self-discipline. The experienced staff at NYMAA has worked with every type and level of learner, and they’re ready to help you learn, too!  

Over the decades we've taught over 10,000 students the art and science of JKD. We accept both beginner-level and experts to practice with us, with classes for adults and children. In order to fit into everyone’s schedule, we offer small group, corporate and one-on-one personal training. While self-defense and fitness are the primary reasons our students begin training, they stay because the skills they learn drip into their daily lives.

NYMAA’s Queens Martial Arts Academy believes in setting a strong foundation for its young students. It is imperative for children to learn the values of self-discipline, inner strength, mental focus and self-confidence at a young age, and Jeet Kune Do is a great way to do so. Our gym is a safe environment for children to express themselves and to learn a practice with fellow young martial artists. They gain a sense of self-confidence that carries into everyday life, preventing bullies from picking on them or feeling belittled by others. 

Learning Jeet Kune Do as an adult is also extremely beneficial, and our Queens studio is a convenient location to do so. Our students range from novices to experts wishing to hone in on their JKD techniques. Our staff is patient and understands that everyone learns martial arts at different rates. We believe that everyone deserves to be able to better improve their well-being, so we can arrange for one-on-one personalized training for those not comfortable with learning in a group environment. 

Contact us today to learn more about children or adult classes, and learn how to train like Bruce Lee himself did!

NY Martial Arts Academy in Little Neck-Queens

Phone: 718-281-1717
253-08 Northern Blvd Little Neck, NY 11362