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MMA Training

MMA Training in New York

What is MMA?

Mixed martial arts, also referred to as MMA, is a combat sport most commonly related to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The concept behind MMA training blends the ability to learn and adapt to numerous fighting styles and unarmed combat techniques, which are used for either competition or self-defense. MMA classes integrate the use of punching, kicking, elbows, knees, wrestling, submission holds, and other tactics with a goal to immobilize an opponent.

A few of the most popular types of MMA fighting styles include:

In an MMA gym, there are two different types of training. With competitive MMA fighting, regulations are set to allow the use of mixed martial arts styles that include striking, wrestling, and submissions, as well as various types of punches and kicks. To win, a competitor must submit, knock out, or get a technical knockout as decided by the fight referee. Otherwise, the bout can also be decided by judges who choose the individual they feel won.

On the other hand, training at an MMA gym near you can also give an everyday person the ability to defend themselves if a dangerous situation arises. Learning the proper striking techniques, controlling holds, submission moves, and other self-defense tactics learned in MMA classes can keep you safe if you’re ever attacked. We take these scenarios into account and prepare our students for them.

Benefits of Our MMA Classes

Why do you want to learn mixed martial arts? NY Martial Arts Academy is here to boost your confidence, teach you effective self-defense tactics, and get you in great shape. If you’re looking for an MMA gym in New York, our classes encompass every facet of combat through the art of Jeet Kune Do.

Dana White, President of the UFC has said, “The father of mixed martial arts, if you will, was Bruce Lee. If you look at the way Bruce Lee trained, the way he fought, and many of the things he wrote, he said the perfect style was no style.”

This quote perfectly describes Jeet Kune Do.

Combining elements of boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, and others, Jeet Kune Do was created by Bruce Lee himself. We place a special emphasis on the important aspects of martial arts, while also focusing on improving confidence, health, and independence. Our instructors are directly connected to the training lineage of Bruce Lee, giving us keen insight into his art form and the techniques involved.


One of the greatest perks of learning a style of mixed martial arts like Jeet Kune Do is the increased ability you’ll have to defend yourself in a situation where someone threatens you or a loved one. Learning quick strikes, submission holds, and other self-defense techniques will give you a better chance of getting out of the scenario safely.

Get Fit

Are you tired of endlessly lifting weights and jogging on the treadmill at a generic gym? Here at our MMA schools in New York, you can enjoy a fun, fast-paced form of exercise while also learning about effective punching, kicking, grappling, and other MMA training tactics. Burn hundreds of calories with each an every class.


As you learn self-defense strategies, get in better shape, and progress through our MMA lessons, you’ll quickly recognize a higher level of confidence in every aspect of your life. By boosting self-esteem, our students are more prepared to handle themselves in real-life situations of physical intimidation or other moments of tension. And the social nature of our MMA classes also provides opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

Get Started on Your MMA Training

Are these MMA gyms near me? Check out any of our four locations:

Few MMA classes provide the type of combined mental and health benefits we offer here at NY Martial Arts Academy. Our instructors are knowledgable of the best Jeet Kune Do techniques and put a special focus on communicating with their students to keep them engaged from start to finish.

If you’re ready to start your MMA training, give us a call today at (347) 721-3288 or complete the form on this page for more info!