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Self Defense

Self-Defense Classes in NYC

Adult Self-Defense Classes

What is self-defense to you? Here at NY Martial Arts Academy, it is all about the ability to protect yourself and fight back if you ever end up in a dangerous situation. We emphasize self-defense for women and men who want to feel safe as they walk the streets of New York.

Through the special art of Jeet Kune Do, our students are able to learn the best martial arts tactics for self-defense. With the proper training of punches, kicks, as well as good footwork and other self-defense techniques, you can learn to rely on yourself to keep both you and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

Many of our self-defense tactics will teach you what to do if someone tries to hit you or take you down to the floor. We even delve into weapon defense for scenarios where someone pulls out a knife.

As you develop and learn these effective self-defense moves, you’ll feel confident in your knowledge of martial arts and the tactics that will get you out of scenarios where you would normally feel helpless. In many cases, this level of self-confidence shows in your physical appearance and the way you hold yourself, often preventing would-be attackers from targeting you in the first place.

With the added perks of getting fit and building strength, self-defense classes are the perfect way to reinforce both your body and your mind.

Why Do I Need Self-Defense Classes?

We all know New York is awesome and offers people an incredible place to live. But as a crowded city, it can also be dangerous and pose risks to people who aren’t mentally or physically prepared.

Don’t get us wrong. Most of the people living in New York are amazing, but it only takes one bad one. The busy streets and bad crowds that hang around at night make it easier to run into people who may want to do you harm.

When going to a quality self-defense school, you will learn martial arts in a different way than someone who wants to join competitive fighting sports. Self-defense classes are designed to teach specific moves and techniques that will help you get out of dangerous situations quickly or how to avoid these circumstances altogether.

You’ll see elements of MMA and Boxing in our self-defense classes but you’ll also find we take a “no holds barred” approach since there are no rules in a street fight. While there are regulations to protect fighters in competitions like the UFC, you won’t have that luxury when it comes to defending yourself out in the real world.

And while lifting weights is a great way to build strength, it’s not always the main factor in these types of scenarios. Many of our members get bored of a typical gym setting before coming to our school. The class environment we provide gives each and every person special benefits including:

  • Personal attention
  • Great teachers and classmates
  • Make new friends in a fun, engaging atmosphere
  • Professional, qualified instructors to teach you martial arts

Through this self-defense training, you’ll instantly see the advantages it gives you across many aspects of your daily life.

Protect Yourself

First and foremost, our self-defense classes teach people how they can protect themselves when facing an attacker. Learn the fastest ways to escape, incapacitate, or submit another person who is threatening your safety. The best self-defense techniques are the ones that get you out of these scenarios swiftly.

Develop Self-Confidence

Whether you find yourself nervous to be alone or you constantly feel intimidated by others, we offer the most effective self-defense classes in NYC to boost your composure. Gain the highest level of self-confidence you’ve ever felt through new abilities and a renewed sense of self-reliance.

Get Fit & Build Strength

Many people learn self-defense for the previous two reasons, but everyone who takes these classes also gets the added benefit of getting into shape and feeling great in their skin. By practicing the self-defense techniques we teach, you’ll get stronger, feel better, and develop the needed physicality to backup the moves you learn.

Jeet Kune Do is the Best Martial Art for Self-Defense

Are these self-defense classes near me? You can find NY Martial Arts Academy self-defense schools in convenient locations across New York:

As the most effective self-defense martial arts form, we train in the art of Jeet Kune Do. With a direct training lineage back to Bruce Lee, who created JKD, we have incredible experience and knowledge of this special self-defense style.

Once you’re ready to join one of our self-defense classes, give us a call at 347-721-3288 or fill out the contact form on this page!