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Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

Originally posted on 07/27/2018

A woman fends off a mugger in an alley using self defense martial arts techniques.Imagine being attacked. How would you protect yourself? Violence should be avoided, however, some circumstances leave one with no choice. Your body is the only weapon that you’ll have with you at all times. Having the ability and skill to protect yourself if attacked is important. There are many martial arts styles. Below are some of the best martial arts for self-defense. 

Wing Chung

This style was developed in the 17th century as one of the more complex styles of martial arts taught by Buddhist monks. Its techniques are developed based on the movement of animals, mostly that of the crane. It delivers solid self-defense skills. Its power lies within its direct approach.


Karate is a solid martial art style for self-defense. The karate syllabus has pars of kicks, blocks, punches, and even grappling. A student studying karate develops strong kicks and punches. The exact origin of karate is not known. It has been made popular by many martial arts films.


A Korean style nicknamed the way of the hand and the fist which has its main focus on striking. It has been developed over many centuries. In Korea there we nine kwans (dojos or schools) of taekwondo, each with its own style of taekwondo recognized by the government of Korea. The kwans united in 1955 and created the style of taekwondo known today. Taekwondo is also an Olympic sport.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Backed as one of the most effective styles of martial arts. Almost all MMA and UFC fighters have studied and trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It teaches the use of proper weight distribution and leverage to defeat stronger opponents. It’s a mix of passes, ground control, takedowns, and submissions each with defense.

Krav Maga

A style from Israel nicknamed contact combat. It focuses on striking, grappling, or mixed. It does not have fancy moves. Its moves are simple and mostly dirty. Its pillars are neutralizing the threat, simultaneous defense, and attacking the body’s vulnerability.

Come Learn Self Defense Techniques in a Safe Environment

Having the ability to defend yourself is important. Taking up a class of one of the martial arts style will make you more prepared if attacked. Come check out a martial arts class at our location that is closest to you.