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Can Martial Arts Classes Improve My Child's Focus?

Kids Karate Classes

If you’re the parent of a child who has been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or just seems to have problems focusing at home or at school, you may often find yourself frustrated at the prospect of helping your child learn to channel his or her energy into focusing on the task at hand. Whether a child has been diagnosed with an attention disorder or is just overly rambunctious, martial arts classes are a great way to teach them the self-discipline it takes to build strong focus skills.

Often, kids who have attention problems are admonished at school and can develop a poor self-image as a result. In martial arts classes, rather than focusing on what hyperactive children are doing wrong (and punishing them for it), instructors look for the strengths of each student and motivate them to use those strengths to achieve greatness. At NY Martial Arts Academy, our instructors focus their efforts on teaching methods that work for the students, rather than what’s easiest for them. So, if a student presents certain challenges because of their lack of focus, our instructors will work to determine the best methods to teach that particular student. This specialized approach not only helps students meet their goals in their martial arts classes, but it also builds their confidence and sense of self worth.

Studies have shown that the varied physical activity of a martial arts class can strengthen the neural pathways in the brain and help overactive kids practice self-control. Additionally, the movements of the particular martial art they study can help them develop coordination and build physical strength. This is something that is often difficult for kids to achieve if their diagnosis or hyperactivity prevents them from participating in conventional sports that also build these strengths.

If your child is struggling to focus because of an ADD/ADHD diagnosis or general hyperactivity, martial arts classes can give them the skills they need to hone their energy into focused concentration. At NY Martial Arts Academy, we excel at teaching kids at all skill levels, and we’d be happy to give you more information about the classes that will best suit your child. Stop by one of our locations or call us today!