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Force production in striking

In Jeet Kune Do, the study of kinetics and physics is essential to power production.  The ways a human body can produce power are: Linear, Torque, Drop and up.
Linear means that our body weight is thrown straight into the target. Or in a linear fashion.
Torque means any kind of twisting or turning motion.  Torque is arguably the greatest producer of force of the 4.  Think of a hook punch, even an untrained or unseason fighter can generate substantial power from this punch simply by turning their shoulders.
Drop means that our body weight drops into the attack using the assistance of gravity.  As the body is accelerated downwards, gravity assisit in this acceleration and thus allows the body to travel faster and therefore generate more power.
Up means we use the ground to push our body upwards into our strike.  Think of an uppercut.  The punch travels in an upwards trajectory, the power for this punch is generated by pushing of the ground as well as hip rotation.
Here at New York Martial Arts Academy, we firmly believe in these principles as set forth by Bruce Lee.  We try to teach these as close to Bruce Lee's original writings as possible.