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How Martial Arts Help Develop Greater Self Discipline

Originally posted on 08/09/2016

A hand has written the words self discipline on a chalkboard.While practicing martial arts is an excellent way to improve your physical health and learn self-defense maneuvers, its greatest advantage is arguably in its ability to help finesse self-discipline skills.

The ability to maintain control over responses, thoughts, and emotions is of tremendous value, both professionally and personally. It is the foundation for forming a healthy sense of self. Here are three ways that martial arts can help promote self-discipline, thereby providing the building blocks for integrity, perseverance, and inner calmness.

Students Establish Realistic Goals

Living a disciplined life entails living life according to particular guiding principles. This is not learned overnight. In martial arts, you have intrinsic motivation to achieve higher ranks. Rather than aim for the highest rank immediately, students must set smaller, attainable goals. To achieve these goals, they must establish a set routine for growth.

Success Depends on Control

The art behind martial arts is its reliance on self-control. While the focus of martial arts isn't on dominance or gaining control of a weaker opponent, it is on centering a person's body in a fully controlled manner. To win a battle, it should take strategy just as much as strength. A martial arts instructor instills the fundamental need to continuously stay aware of surroundings and respond accordingly.

Rules Must be Followed

Martial arts rely on following certain rules. Being able to follow rules, even if those rules aren't something you agree with or helped establish, is key to self-discipline. For example, students are taught that when the master says something, the appropriate response is, "Yes, sir." A martial arts instructor doesn't put up with disrespect or people who refuse to follow the rules, so people quickly learn the importance of adhering to rules.

Begin or Continue Your Martial Arts Training with NY Martial Arts Academy

When you set out to learn martial arts, the instructor guides you through the process step-by-step. It is through incremental goal setting that success is attained. The discipline required to achieve small goals is imperative to growth.

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