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Is Jeet Kune Do Too Physically Demanding for Overweight Adults?

Jeet Kune Do is definitely a very physically demanding sport that needs to be practiced with caution. If participants go into the sport without training gradually to prepare for the physical demands, they risk experiencing injuries that can detract from their experience. 

However, it's important to note that anyone can participate in the sport of Jeet Kun Do In fact, Jeet Kune Do is an especially good sport for overweight adults because the cardiovascular training entails will help participants to lose weight. Jeet Kune Do training involves building both cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. It also involves building and improving on coordination and requires participants to become more flexible. 

Unlike most martial arts, Jeet Kune Do encompasses all aspects of combat, that includes tapping, punching, kicking, and grappling moves to subdue their opponent. This sounds physically demanding, and it certainly is. However, the physical demands of Jeet Kune Do - as well as the fitness challenges- will be faced by even individuals who go into the sport already having a high fitness level. An overweight adult who beings participating in might have a longer journey to undertake before mastering the sport than a physically fit individual. Overweight individuals can nevertheless participate in and excel at the sport with a bit of commitment and dedication. 

The competitive nature of Jeet Kune Do can motivate those who are training to participate and master the sport. This can help keep individuals involved in athletic who may have previously shown difficulties in sticking with a fitness or athletic regime. Nothing proves more motivational for an athlete than an upcoming competition that poses entertaining and engaging challenges.

Another aspect of Jeet Kune Do that can help motivate adult athletes whose fitness levels aren't as high as they should be is the social nature of the sport. Exercising alone might be hard for overweight adults, but bring in social engagement and things become a whole lot easier. 

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