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Jeet Kuno Do Is Part of Who I Am

When I first started training I wasn't really much good.  I struggled with some of the basic principles and techniques. My kicks had no power and I was constantly off balance.  It took me a lot of time to learn but I had a few factors that kept me going.  I wanted so bad to be good.  If this sounds like your train of thought, then we're a lot alike.  I'm super competitive and I think if you really think about different aspects of your life you are too.  I believe a healthy competitive spirit is healthy and essential for all aspects and levels of success.  Jeet Kuno Do is part of who I am.  If you love to learn and improve yourself JKD will become part of who you are as well (assuming it hasn't already). The never ending thirst for knowledge is a great characteristic for a student.  

It's important to realize that all your instructors are constantly expanding their martial arts knowledge and skills.  Sifu Carlos, Danny, Jonathan, Tony, Andre, Alfonso, Calvin, Adam, Dwayne and Peter all have a few characteristics in common.  They work really hard to refine their tools and have a deep understanding or strategy/tactics.  With a combined 119 years of martial art experience, hey have diverse journeys but all have a deep respect for one another. They will all tell you that JKD impacted their lives in ways they didn't understand when thy first started training.  Jeet Kune Do becomes a way of life. The philosophies of the art penetrate into your daily living.  

Training gives you a sense of calm and confidence while it also keeps you humble.  I'm so grateful to all you students who allow me to do what I love every day.  Without students I couldn't be a teacher.  More specifically I couldn't teach the best martial art in the world.  I also am thankful to my father for teaching me JKD at a young age and showing me how cool the art really is.  Most of you probably know my Dad and know he's got a dynamic personality.  He loves the art and enjoys sharing it with those who are willing to accept it.  He taught every instructor at NY Martial Arts Academy and in some ways he's been a father figure to all the Sifus.  That makes the instructors my brothers.  I love them all and we've shared so much together.  I hope you have and continue to forge bonds with your fellow students the way I have with the gentlemen you call Sifu. 



James Orfanos