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Martial Arts and Stress Relief

Psychologists have discovered positive correlations between practicing a traditional martial art and lower levels of hostility, aggression, and higher levels of self-esteem and overall positive attitude.  

There are several aspects to consider when choosing which martial art practice will better suit your needs.  Some styles, specifically the traditional styles, are proven more to relieve stress than others.  There is Soft Style and Hard Style training to choose from.  Soft Style training involves practicing with a partner, and in some forms is similar to wrestling.  If you choose to practice Hard Style training, more focus will be placed on striking and blocking inanimate padded targets.  Listed below are the various types of traditional martial arts:

Soft Style:                            

  • Aikido (Japanese)                            
  • Judo (Japanese)                        
  • Tai Chi (Chinese)                        
  • Jujitsu (Brazilian)                        
  • Wrestling (Greek)

Hard Style:

  • Boxing (American)
  • Karate (Okinawan)
  • Kung Fu (Chinese)
  • Taekwondo (Korean)

The next step when deciding which form of martial arts to get into would be which culture of training you are most interested in.  Traditional martial arts are traditional because they have been passed down through some culture over time.  Once you have decided which form of martial arts that will be best for you, visiting a class will be essential to finalizing your decision.  

The ability to recognize what your stress level response consists of will be crucial to understanding the ways in which martial art training can lessen your vulnerability to stress.  Traditional martial art training encompasses a warrior spirit or mindset.  This is coupled with Zen Buddhism, which is a belief system that teaches you to focus on the moment and go with the flow.  Having this frame of mind will greatly reduce any amount of stress, and will help you gain more confidence in your everyday life.

If you are interested to learn more about the benefits from traditional martial arts training, contact the skilled instructors at NY Martial Arts Academy.  All of our instructors have both the knowledge and over a decade of martial art experience to help you choose the training program that suites your fitness goals best.