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Martial Arts Teaches Life Skills More Than Just Kicking And Punching

Originally posted on 05/09/2017

A group of kids in martial arts gis smile at the camera, holding each other as teammates.Martial arts serve as a wonderful tool for kids to build the skills they need to defend themselves and achieve better health and fitness. Martial arts teaches life skills that can help your child thrive academically, feel confident in a social environment, and achieve all types of goals in adulthood. Keep reading to learn more about the positive sides of martial arts for kids that go far beyond teaching kicking and punching. 

Increased Focus And Concentration 

Martial arts classes improve concentration skills. An increase in concentration goes hand-in-hand with heightened listening skills, which can help your child make smart decisions both in the classroom and outside of school. We use various drills to increase focus and concentration. Focusing the eyes on the pad and immediately employing the proper technique requires concentration. Listening to the very specific instructors during the more advanced portion of classes requires children to listen, process, and then perform. Some of the classes require problem-solving where the instructor doesn't tell the class what to but the children need to figure certain things for themselves. 

Self Confidence and Respect

Behavior in children develops at a young age, and it's important to ensure their self-image is strong from the start. That is where martial arts can help more than other activities. The ability to defend themselves mixed with the unflinching respect that has to be shown to the instructor will increase your child's self-worth. 

The Ability To Rebound 

Life inevitably has its ups and downs. But it's the people who know how to get back up and keep fighting that succeed; martial arts emphasizes this belief both mentally and physically. Goal setting is an important part of martial arts and inevitably sometimes we fail. We can view this failure as defeat or we can learn from the experience and grow. The latter is the healthier choice and the belief we want to instill in our children. 

Making Friends And Improved Social Skills 

Many children find it hard to make friends at school, and martial arts classes can help them gain the confidence they need to form healthy relationships with their peers. Since the classes are small and intimate, children can feel more comfortable speaking to one another here than they might when trying to engage others on a large playground. They will also learn how to work with others and form partnerships, as classes require pairing up to complete different moves.

Build Fitness and Mature Life Skills at a Quality Martial Arts Academy for Kids (and Adults)

Martial arts are wonderful for building the body and mind of young people. Once they get into the focus, delay of gratification, and determination, they will see greater success in all aspects of their lives. The NY Martial Arts Academy is here to help your child find greatness through martial arts. Give our team a call today to find the best location and classes for your children.