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More Than Just Punching and Kicking- Martial Arts Has a Postive Impact

Martial arts is so much more than punching and kicking. It has affected the instructors and myself in such a positive way. That's why we're so grateful for being able to share what we love. Teaching Bruce Lee's martial art is a privilege not only because it's an amazing martial art from a self-defense perspective. It's an art based on liberating yourself which translates into many aspects of life. I was speaking to a student not too long ago who was going through a really rough patch in his life. What amazed me about him was how positive he was about the situation and how he was able to focus on all the good in his life as opposed to the harsh situation he was in at the moment. I'm certain that it will become a learning experience for him and he will grow from it. 

Part of martial arts is overcoming adversity and accepting the fact that things aren't always perfect. It's important to realize how lucky we are in most parts of our lives. Of course, there will be things that we want to improve upon and correct. Nothing is perfect but being thankful and fulfilled is such an amazing feeling. I'm so happy that I get to do what I love every day. I teach great people the best martial art in the world. People start training usually because they want to learn self-defense and get in shape. Most of us continue training because of many different reasons. Training is such a stress reliever. It clears your head like no other activity. It also gives you confidence and ability to honestly express yourself. It also puts you in a state of absolute calm. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you and I hope to see you on the training floor. 


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James Orfanos