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Punching with the less dominant hand

As discusssed in a previous blog entry, "Why should I stand strong side forward", we described why Bruce Lee was such a big proponent of placing the dominant hand and the dominant leg forward. 
In this entry we will be discussing punching with our less dominant hand.
Since our less dominant hand is back it means that our punch will take longer to reach the target.  Taking this into consideration, we try to throw straight line punches.  Because as we all learned in geometry class, the quickest way to get from point A to point B is a straight line.  So, we try to throw either a cross or a rear straight.
The way we distinguish the 2 punches in Jeet Kune Do is, with the cross we push shuffle straight into the target.  WIth the rear straight, we push shuffle to a 45 degree angle relative to our opponent.
The cross is not like the a cross in boxing where the punch goes across the body.  We throw the punch straight from where our rear hand is so it may reach our target quicker. 
The rear straight is thrown in similar fashion except that our body is moving off to the side of our opponent, therefore keeping us safer.
Here at New York Martial Arts Academy we teach Jeet Kune Do as closely as possible according to the notes left behind for us by Bruce Lee.