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Quickstart To Meditation


Many people have attained higher planes of enlightenment through the ancient art of meditation and have incorporated meditation into their work schedules and daily routines.

Zen sitting meditation is a period of nothingness. Doing absolutely nothing except focusing, relaxing and using proper breathing techniques helps to purify your mind and body.

The first step to meditation is to clear your mind of what is bothering you and of any other thoughts you have. This is called inner chatter. Try to focus on some object, such as a piece of fruit or on the numbers one through ten, as you incorporate your breathing. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. The timing of each breath should be in eight- to ten-second intervals. Count in your head to inhale, slowly, from one to ten. As you exhale, count from ten backwards to one.

As your concentration develops, you'll find your heart rate will decrease and your state of relaxation will increase. You'll also be able to meditate sitting in an office chair, the seat in your car or even a park bench. Remember that it takes time to excel at meditation, but the benefits are endless. Keep your spirit strong.

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