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Skill Training v.s. Conditioning Training

In discussing any sort of athletic endeavor, the athlete must do 2 types of training.  Skill training and conditioning training.  In this entry we will discuss what the difference is between these 2 types of training and why they are so important.
Martial Arts is good at getting utilizing both types of these training methodologies.
When doing conditioning training we are trying to get our overall physical fitness better.  The goal of this type of training is physical excersion.  We push our bodies to the limit in order to get it accustomed to these extreme levels of excersion.  
With skill training our ultimate goal is to become better at the particular athletic endeavor we are participating in.  I.E. a basketball player taking jump shots everyday.  It may not necessarily get him tired but it will improve his overall basketball technical ability. 
Here at New York Martial Arts Academy we believe that all Martial Artist should strike a balance between their skill training and their conditioning training.