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Teaching Confidence at a Young Age is Key

Having confidence is one of the most important life skills that martial arts teaches us.

Many children have confidence issues but this can be improved by reinforcing that they can do whatever they put their mind to. It's also important to reframe failure as something that isn't permanent. We all have failures in our lives but it's how we choose to deal with them that defines us. When a child is struggling during class this is an opportunity for growth. It's a great time when the instructors will typically explain that anything worthwhile takes time. Also, it's a point where children learn that it's ok to fall down as long as they get up and keep trying their best. 

We always tell the children at NY Martial Arts Academy if you can't do something today keep practicing and be persistent in your efforts to improve. Too many people today quit prematurely and they wonder why they have limited skills. It's because they never learned to commit to anything and therefore didn't take the time improve. 

Once your child realizes that he or she is getting better at martial arts you'll see an automotive increase in confidence because they start believing they can do it! That belief translates into different aspects of their lives including academics and later on professionally. 

Confidence is something that needs to be constantly worked on. Let's not kid ourselves, we all have moments where our confidence isn't where it needs to be as adults. In that case, what makes us think that a child will be confident all the time? Obviously, a child won't but when they're feeling down on themselves it's an opportunity to reframe their thinking. If you ever need any help from the instructors please don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help you.