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The Martial Artist Mindset

Being successful in martial arts in more about your mindset than physical ability or talent. A true martial artist is always working to:

1. Eliminate self-defeating thinking and elevate your expectations.

The questions you ask yourself will determine how you will perform. You should be asking questions like "What will I learn today and how much will I improve?" Asking questions that disempower you won't do anything but get you down. Remember how great you are and how excited you are to improve.  

2. Use the resources at the academy. 

Always ask the instructors questions when you're confused. It's not only ok but encourage at NY Martial Arts Academy. 

3. Take the JKD philosophy into everything you do.  

JKD is a problem-solving art that emphasizes the ability to adapt. This idea is important in various endeavors besides combat. 

4. Don't have such a fear of failure. You should fear not trying. 

Momentarily failing is inevitable and we all need to get rid of that fear. It's about the ability to get up, dust ourselves off and keep moving forward. Don't let other opinions or self-doubt keep you from achieving your goals. 

JKD is so cool and I hope you're having as great of a time training as I am teaching. 



Sifu James