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What Can Parents Expect from a Kids Karate Class?

Kids Karate Class

Karate is a popular activity for children of all ages, and while many kids think of it as a fun way to get physically active and meet new friends, parents tend to think more practically and wonder exactly what their children will learn in a karate class. Before diving into what parents can expect from a kids karate class, it’s helpful to start by saying what they shouldn’t expect. Parents shouldn’t expect a karate class to be a free-for-all where kids get wildly rambunctious and beat up on each other. They also shouldn’t expect a karate class to function like a form a babysitting or daycare. Finally, parents shouldn’t expect that a karate class will turn their sweet child into a violent nightmare. With that information out of the way, we can take a better look at what parents should expect when they enroll their child in a kids karate class. 

Most important, parents should expect that, if their child is actively engaged in the class, he or she will learn valuable life skills in addition to the physical moves of self defense and sparring. Karate teaches kids self-discipline that follows them into every other area of their lives. By learning how to center their physical and mental energy to focus on the task at hand, they’ll not only excel among their peers in the class, but they’ll use those skills to succeed in school and in other extra curricular activities. 

Karate also helps kids builds confidence and fosters the formation of a healthy sense of self. This means that kids not only learn to feel good about themselves, but they learn to see the value in working well with others toward a common goal. 

Additionally, and perhaps most obviously, parents can expect their children to get an age appropriate workout that builds their physical health and encourages them to keep their bodies healthy throughout their childhood and into their adult years. 

At NY Martial Arts Academy, we know that a karate class is one of the best activities for your children, and we’re dedicated to helping them build physical and mental skills that they will use in every area of life. If you’re interested in learning more about kids karate classes, contact us today!