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What Does Martial Arts Give Us?

Martial arts gives us:

Self Discipline: The ability to what's needed to achieve our goals.

Focus: The skill of concentrating which is valuable in almost every endeavor. 

Self Defense Skills: The confidence and ability the handle ourselves in the worst situations.  

Health and fitness: Various exercises that increase strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and coordination. 

Confidence: A positive self image and the belief in ourselves. We can do whatever we set our mind to. 

Mental toughness: The ability to deal with uncomfortable and rough situations. 

A sense of belonging: We meet like minded people with the same or similar goals.

Achievable goal setting: Concrete goals with timelines and the skills needed to follow through. 

Humility and appreciation: I true martial artist is humble and appreciates all the good that's in his or her life. 

Inner peace: Everyone has stress in their life but the ability to manage that stress is key. Martial arts is a great outlet for stress and anxiety. 

Since 1985 NY Martial Arts Academy has taught thousands of students and helped them achieve the above goals. In my own life martial arts has assisted me in so many aspects. I can say with certainty that martial arts is the most rewarding activity in my life. I'm grateful for all the lessons I learned and the person it's helped me become. My goal is to teach others the amazing art of Jeet Kune Do and help in whatever way I can. Sometimes people just need a little encouragement and we can succeed beyond our wildest dreams. 


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