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What to Look for in A Martial Arts School


Choosing a martial school takes the same approach as choosing a regular school for your child. Just because the martial school entails kicks and punches, rather than English and Mathematics, it does not mean that modern day scrutiny of professionalism, etiquette, discipline, facilities, and instructors do not apply. The best martial art school might not be the most convenient for your child; just because an instructor has achieved numerous accolades in fighting competition does not mean that they are fit to train your child. 

Here's what to look for in a martial arts school.

Martial arts schools vary in the type of martial equipment and amenities they offer. While your child may not necessarily have to use all the training amenities in the martial school, ensure that they have the basic training amenities. Also, the training equipment should be fully operational. 

The environment of a martial arts school speaks a lot about the school. While the environment is more nebulous than the facility factor, environment entails a bunch of different pieces that contribute to the school's fabric, including facilities.

Some of the aspects in consideration include the cleanliness of the school, music played during the practice session, and state of the training equipment. The environment represents a larger picture of the martial school, and how it feels.

The attitude between the school instructor and the existing students can serve as an excellent indicator of the school and the instructor's spirit. The perfect instructor should not be the kind of person operating like an army drill instructor, neither should they be a milquetoast that never raises their voice; they should be somewhere in between.

Keenly watch how the students react once the instructor leaves them temporarily; do they continue with their drills? Or do they begin chatting with one another? 

Accidents are bound to happen in any martial class. The school should have a functional first aid kit on standby and be sure to ask the instructors whether they are certified, and they are qualified in first aid/CPR. 

Observe how the martial classes are conducted; do they have a plan? Are they organized? Do they follow certain rules of conduct? What about the discipline? Finally, are the students learning any specific technique or skill? All these can help in determining the ideality of a school.


At NY Martial Arts Academy, we have a safe facility, experienced instructors, a welcoming environment and various styles of martial arts. If you're interested in learning martial arts, contact our team today!