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What Types of Moves Are Used in an MMA Class?

MMA Classes

Mixed martial arts classes have been taking America by storm, and for good reason. While many who participate in MMA training have dreams of becoming the next Ronda Rousey or Chuck Liddell, many others are drawn to the sport for the health and fitness benefits, as well as the increased confidence that comes with being able to physically defend yourself. Mixed Martial Arts classes teach a variety of different moves from many styles of martial arts, and the styles used can differ greatly from class to class, depending on the proficiency level of the students and the particular expertise of the instructor. However, there are a couple broad categories that most MMA classes try to teach.

Striking Moves

Striking moves are just that, moves designed to strike your opponent. These can be punches, kicks, elbow shots, or kneeing maneuvers. Depending on the particular style being used, these moves can resemble the tough, brawler style of boxing or the more agile and athletic form of kickboxing. Special care is taken in MMA classes to allow everyone to participate and learn the techniques without worrying about getting injured by a strike move.

Grapple Moves

Perhaps even more important to MMA proficiency is learning grapple moves. As anyone who’s ever seen a fight in real life knows, punches and kicks often take a backseat to throws and headlocks, and the vast majority of real-life fights end up with the combatants wrestling each other on the ground. Grapple training gives you the technique you need to control the weight balance of the fight and take down a much larger opponent.

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