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Will Martial Arts Classes Prevent My Child From Being Bullied?

Kids Karate Brooklyn

Bullies frequently prey on peers they deem inferior to them.  They look for classmates, neighbors, and acquaintances who exhibit shy, timid, introverted characteristics.  For some psychological reason, bullies get a temporary high from putting others down, making them feel bad, or injuring them.  Unfortunately, bullies are likely to be a part of life for the young and old alike.  One way to decrease the likelihood that your child will fall victim to a bully is to enroll him or her in a martial arts class.

A common misconception is that martial arts instructors teach participants how to beat people up.  While some facilities incorrectly teach this approach, it is important to understand that when martial arts is taught properly, participants not only learn a skill, they increase physical fitness, coordination, which can impact self-esteem.  Children with strong self-esteem are typically not the victim of bullying.

At NY Martial Arts Academy, the instructors are not only expert martial artists, but they also possess the interpersonal skills to work well with young people.  The relationships formed between the instructors and participants allow for self-esteem and self-confidence to accompany the new-found skill.  NY Martial Arts Academy instructors are highly skilled in developing positive relationships with participants. The experts are mentors as much as instructors, which is very beneficial to the children.

Bullies are an unfortunate fact of life, but your child does not have to be a victim.  By enrolling him or her in a martial arts program of high quality with instructors equipped with the knowledge, skills, and disposition to educate the whole child, in mind and body, your child can reduce the chances of being a victim.

Remember, some martial arts training programs focus heavily on combat.  At NY Martial Arts Academy, the instructors use martial arts to increase self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence.  By taking a combined approach, their students show growth in multiple areas, all of which can reduce the likelihood of falling victim to a bully. If you’re interested in signing your child up for martial arts classes, contact NY Martial Arts Academy today!