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Provides a superior method of self defense, physical fitness and peace of mind.

  • Self Defense- The confidence of being able to protect oneself and/or a loved one should a situation arise where walking away is not an option. 
           °The foremost importance of the study of martial arts is to protect oneself and not to hurt others.
  • Physical Fitness- Being physically fit gives a person energy and confidence to handle daily endeavors, activities as well as combative situations.  The student achieves physical fitness by various strength and conditioning exercises done during the class.  Being physically fit is a crucial component of being “of sound mind”.    
  • Peace of mind- With strong body and strong mind there is a complete individual. Training at NY Martial Arts Academy gives the student the capability of achieving high mental focus.  This high level of mental focus is reached through a variety of training drills designed to sharpen mental ability and focus.
At New York Martial Arts Academy we believe in the total martial art experience of Mind, Body and Spirit.  Let us help you cultivate your true potential!
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