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Martial Art Workout Resolutions You Can Make for the New Year

A martial artist prepares for the new year with new resolutions/Setting New Year’s resolutions can be hit or miss. If you are only jumping on the bandwagon, you won’t get much out of it. But if your commitment is something you planned out and decide to stick with, you could choose this moment to be an important one. 

Martial artists thrive on goals. Setting and achieving goals can help you stay motivated and making progress in your development as a martial artist. There are always more levels of depth to explore in the world of martial arts. Start your year off right by making some goals you can achieve by the end of 2020. Keep reading to hear our recommendations for martial art workout resolutions you can make for this new year.

1. Challenge Yourself with a New Partner

Working with the same partner can be good. You can challenge each other because you know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Over time, you can come to trust your partner. However, you put yourself in a better position to learn when you experience something new. You can learn different styles, techniques, and approaches that will help sharpen your skills in your martial arts workout. 

Pro-Tip - Try working with people above your level, at your level, and beginners to explore your techniques in different ways. 

2. Establish Realistic Goals

Creating enormous goals might sound nice, but if there is no way to complete them, there is no use in creating them. Goals falling through can make you feel shame, embarrassment, and unmotivated to set a new goal. Assess your current level (possibly with the help of your instructor), then set a goal one level up from where you are. The more specific you can be about this goal, the better the goal will be. Example - I will lose 10 pounds or I will do 100 push-ups per day.

3. Commit to One More Day Per Week

Maybe now is the right time to take your training to the next level with an added day of martial arts working out. When you add another day to your routine, you will notice great improvements. Your physical strength, endurance, and flexibility will take off. Also, with more time in the dojo, you will keep the techniques you learn fresh in your mind, so you become more likely to remember them. Make sure to rest after classes to ensure your body heals so you can grow strong without injuries. 

4. Back to Basics

Many people can get lost in the constant need to explore new territory that they forget where they came from. Set a goal to revisit more foundational techniques. These fundamentals will help reinforce the building blocks that support all levels of martial arts. Further study in this area can improve your experience no matter how many years you have been practicing. 

Finding the Right Place to Practice Martial Arts

Setting goals is an important part of life and an important part of martial arts. Now is the right time for you to set new, attainable goals that you can aim for in the coming year. Having a strong group to guide and participate in your success is important. Since 1985, over 10,000 students have come to New York Martial Arts Academy and found success on our mats. Our instructors teach Jeet Kune Do from their experience in studying with masters in the form. 

Give NY Martial Arts Academy a call at (877) 878-3553 today to find the location (options include Astoria, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Queens) and time that will work for you.

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