Adult Program FAQ

See below for some commonly asked questions about our Adult Programs.

I’ve never trained in martial arts. Will I feel uncomfortable?

It’s normal to feel a bit uncomfortable any time you try something new. But with consistent training and a repetition of the fundamentals, you will see improvement and gain confidence both on and off the training floor. Our students are encouraged to ask as many questions as they need to gain clarity. 

Am I too old to train in martial arts?

No! We frequently attract students in their 50s, 60s and 70s – and many of them are new to the martial arts. It is our instructor’s job to know each student’s limitations and make the ideal accommodations.

I’m out of shape. Will I be extremely fatigued during a class at NYMAA?

We regularly see students of all shapes, sizes, and levels of fitness. We pride ourselves in getting to know each of them, and that includes their physical ability. Some of our students began at NYMAA after months or even years of inactivity, and they have done great. We push our students just hard enough to improve their physical fitness and overall health, without giving them fatigue. We do this for students at all levels of fitness.

I get easily bored at the gym, how is training at NYMAA different?

Our classes are fun, motivating and challenging. The class content is designed to keep you interested while increasing knowledge and performance. All of this takes place while you are increasing your overall level of physical fitness. 

Why choose martial arts over a pure fitness class?

NYMAA offers a fun, engaging and dynamic workout. Unlike a normal fitness class, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones. Our classes teach self defense while improving your health. Our members tend to stay for years and train consistently. That’s not always the case with a gym membership.

I have injuries so will I be able to train in martial arts?

Many of our students have experienced past injuries before starting with NYMAA. Most injuries do not prohibit training here. Our instructors will modify instruction to avoid strain on the injured area. 

What is your approach to teaching self defense here? 

Our instructors break down each technique in a way that is easy to understand and replicate. There is a repetitive emphasis on proper form for punching, kicking, grappling, trapping, and how to defend against a weapon. 

Is there a social aspect to NYMAA?

Absolutely! Our students regularly form friendships as they train and work out together. As you train side by side with the same people, it becomes hard not to form some sort of social connection. We also host multiple social events through the year to encourage friendships.

How long have the instructors been doing martial arts?

On average, our instructors have 23 years of martial arts experience. Each are hand-picked by our head instructor to ensure the continued quality of our teaching. Our instructors share a knowledge and passion for martial arts, and the teaching and spreading of Jeet Kune Do. Our head instructor Sifu Dino Orfanos has over 40 years of martial arts experience.

What Separates NYMAA from the other martial arts schools?

NYMAA has taught martial arts since 1985. In that time, we have taught more than 10,000 martial arts students the art, science and philosophy of Bruce Lee. We are the only school in New York certified to teach Jeet Kune Do by the Bruce Lee Foundation. 

Our head instructor holds a unique lineage to Bruce Lee. Our academies are conveniently located and are state-of-the-art facilities. We maintain a friendly training environment by screening all perspective students before enrollment. No matter where you are in your martial arts journey, NYMAA is a great place to improve your fitness levels and learn a new skill. 

Does NYMAA focus on personal development and the spiritual benefits of martial arts?

When done properly, the martial arts are more than just punching and kicking. The lessons learned on the training floor are applicable to multiple areas of life. The martial arts will teach you how to avoid a physical altercation, how to defend yourself and stay safe, and introduce you to Eastern schools of thought.

The martial arts also show you how to reduce stress and can teach you a lot about yourself. Many adults get stuck in a work-home-work-home routine. The martial arts allow you to break that routine and provide a balance to your overall life. 

What is Jeet Kune Do?

Over three decades before the appearance of “Mixed Martial Arts,” a revolutionary training process was developed by the legendary Bruce Lee. It includes realistic and scientific training methods, and complete freedom for the individual practitioner. Lee named the cutting edge martial art training process he developed Jeet Kune Do. 

This training process forms the foundation of what we teach at NY Martial Arts Academy. Jeet Kune Do is NOT simply another form of Karate or Kung Fu, nor is it an assortment of different martial art styles, strung together to create some sort of “mixed martial art” system.
Jeet Kune Do is a rational, well thought-out, dynamic program of total martial arts training for self defense and fitness. It is designed to develop every facet of your combat arsenal, including: 

  • Foot work
  • Striking
  • Stand-up grappling
  • Ground grappling
  • Self-defense skills against both armed and unarmed attacks

Why does NYMAA teach Jeet Kune Do, as opposed to another art or combination of martial arts?

Our head instructor has multiple martial arts certifications including: Muay Thai, Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Shotokan, Tae Kwan Do, Kali/Escrema, and Silat. All these arts focus on limited aspects of combat. When learning Jeet Kune Do, you learn all aspects of armed and unarmed combat. 

The art is focused on kinetics and physics, not just tradition. Therefore, we all learn the most powerful way to throw punches and kicks. Just as there is a kinetically correct way to hit a baseball, there is a kinetically correct way to throw a punch. This is what the art was based upon, and why we teach it. 

Is sparring or contact required?

Sparring is not required as part of our regular training sessions. We do offer a separate sparring class for our students who are looking for that. During sparring classes, students wear protective gear such as head gear and shin guards.

What should I wear to my trial class?

We recommend comfortable clothing. T-shirt, sweatpants and sneakers work best. 

How should I prepare for my first class?

There is no need to prepare. Just wear some comfortable clothing and arrive on time. Our
instructors will handle the rest!

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we do. We have extensive business hours, which gives us the ability to accommodate the most challenging schedules. If you would like to begin private lessons, give us a call at (347) 721-3288 to schedule your first class.

How can I start?

We offer a FREE semi-private lesson to introduce you to our academy. Give us a call at (347) 721-3288 to schedule.

We’re offering adult live-streaming classes from 7 pm to 8 pm every Weeknight and Saturday at 12 pm.
Kid's classes are Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 6:30 pm.
Classes are live on YouTube and Instagram