Children's Program FAQ

My child needs to be more disciplined. How will martial arts help with this?

The martial arts are a proven way to increase a child’s focus and discipline. From day one, we give children a definition of discipline that is easy to understand, and we also explain the importance of it. 

Respect and discipline are expected of our students both on and off the training floor. We keep communication open between instructors and parents to ensure our students are displaying discipline when they are not in our care.

How does NYMAA improve focus in children?

The martial arts require focus in every drill. We help our students understand why it is a critical part of mastering self defense. Children must focus on the pads, their partner, and the instructor throughout the class. 

At NYMAA we take it a step further, and talk to our students about focus before, during, and after classes. We help them understand exactly what is expected of them when they are told to focus, both on and off the training floor. These are lessons that transfer into the home and school life. There is more about that in further answers. 

Will martial arts make my child violent?

No! The martial arts are about more than kicking and punching. Enrolling your child in martial arts will help them release extra energy and serve as a positive outlet for aggressive behavior. Children at NYMAA are taught that violence is never the answer. They should only use what it taught to defend themselves. Furthermore, they will learn respect, discipline, and self-control, which will help them deal with the urge to respond to situations with aggression.
Will martial arts make my child stronger and more fit?

Absolutely. Each of our classes start with calisthenics and dynamic stretching. Your child will be physically active and pushed to work hard throughout the classes. Consistent training will increase your child’s strength, motor skills, balance, and ability to hit hard.

My child has never trained in martial arts. Will he/she feel lost during a class?

No. During each class we review fundamental skills that help them with all drills. As your child continues to train and work hard they will gain confidence both on and off the training floor.

How do you teach children to deal with bullies?

We teach children to deal with bullies directly and indirectly. Indirectly, training gives them the confidence to stand up to a bully. We advise students to first notify an adult that is present and tell their parents. They should avoid violence and use their words to resolve conflicts. Most importantly, if they are attacked they will have the knowledge and training to defend themselves. 

How does the martial arts help my child at school and at home?

Here at NYMAA we teach our students character development to increase good behavior. Our students are taught discipline, respect, self-control, leadership, and honesty, through our Five Animal Character Development Program. We encourage our parents to keep communication open with their child’s instructor to help combat unwanted behavior. Our instructors gladly sit down with our students to discuss misbehavior and better ways to handle situations.

Is sparring or contact required?

Sparring is not required in our normal classes. We offer a special sparring class for our students who would like to participate. During sparring classes, students wear protective clothing such as head gear and chest protectors.

At what age can children start classes?

We typically begin our children’s program at age 4. However, each child develops differently, and they are ready to train at different ages. To see if your child is ready, give us a call to schedule a FREE evaluation.

How is NY Martial Arts Academy different from other schools?

NY Martial Arts Academy has been teaching children since 1985, and our instructors are highly qualified. On average, they each have more than a decade of martial arts experience. Our instructors each go through a process of being hand-picked by our head instructor, and have been part of the academy for many years. 

All our children’s programs include a formal character development program. Through this program we teach our children the importance of honestly, discipline, self control, respect and leadership. We teach self defense in a manner that will ensure your child is safe and able to protect themselves at all times.

Do you offer private lessons for children?

Yes, we do. We have extensive business hours which gives us the ability to accommodate the most challenging schedules. If you are interested in private lessons, give us a call at (347) 721-3288 to schedule your child’s first class.

What should my child wear to their trial class?

We recommend comfortable clothing. T-shirt, sweatpants and sneakers work best.

How should I prepare my child for their trial class?

There is no need to prepare. Just be sure your children are dressed in some comfortable clothing and arrive on time. Our instructors will handle the rest!

How can I get my child started today?

We offer a FREE private lesson to introduce you and your child to our academy. Give us a call at (347) 721-3288 to schedule.


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