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Kid's Martial Arts
Williamsburg - Brooklyn

Karate Classes for Kids in Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY

Even though martial arts classes for kids are meant to be fun and engaging, they are also way more than that. Kids karate is one of the most effective ways for young people to establish good habits, learn new skills, develop discipline, and learn how to focus.

New York Martial Arts Academy brings the perfect balance of both excitement and control to kids karate classes in Williamsburg. We teach young students the importance of respect for others, while also boosting their own self-esteem in the process. With the best kids martial arts classes in Williamsburg, both parents and their children will love it here!

NYMAA Offers the Best Martial Arts Classes for Kids in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY


Opening our doors back in 1985, New York Martial Arts Academy has long been providing top-rated Williamsburg kids karate classes led by head instructors and owners, Dino Orfanos and James Orfanos. Over the years, we’ve built the most reliable team of instructors who have been trained in all the best tactics and practices for teaching kids martial arts.

Each instructor has at least 10 years of martial arts experience they bring to the table as they teach your children the most effective techniques in each and every class. As a great after school activity, kids of all ages will love the new things they learn in our creative programs.

Our Williamsburg kids martial arts classes are designed to be as engaging as possible for each child who joins our team. The Little Dragons classes are made for children between 4 to 6 years old and kids from 7 to 12 move up to the Young Dragons group. Local Schools Near Our Kids Karate Classes in Little Neck Williamsburg Northside School

Local Schools Near Our Karate Classes in Williamsburg

  • P.S. 31
  • P.S. 34
  • P.S. 84 Jose de Diego
  • P.S. 110
  • P.S. 17 Henry D. Woodworth
  • P.S. 132 The Conselyea School
  • Northside Charter High School
  • M.S. 577
  • Success Academy Williamsburg

Other Landmarks By Our Williamsburg Location

  • Conveniently located 1 block from the L train Bedford Station, just one stop out of the city. Also within walking distance from the G train.
  • We are located between Bedford Avenue and Driggs Avenue with a beautiful Bruce Lee mural on our building, can’t miss us!
  • Just a few blocks from Mccarren Park.

Teaching Kids Self Defense in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Members of our Williamsburg martial arts school are constantly striving to prevent bullying and help people of all ages learn how to escape these scenarios. Kids karate classes are not meant to teach children how to beat people up. Instead, we focus heavily on the right time to use the self-defense techniques they learn and when they should simply walk away.

While most of these situations can easily be avoided, it’s important for kids to know how to defend themselves against both bullies and adults who want to hurt them. By taking kids martial arts classes in Williamsburg, young individuals will learn the most effective strategies to get away or fight back.

Teaching Jeet Kune Do, a martial art created by Bruce Lee, our instructors train kids on how to stand properly and also strike with everything from their fists and elbows to their knees and feet. All of these self-defense moves are then mixed into combos that will disable an attacker or bully, allowing the child to safely get away.

Children who join our Young Dragons karate classes for kids in Williamsburg will learn additional training techniques such as grappling and wrestling. This provides them the knowledge and skill set to defend from their back if they are pushed or taken to the ground. The goal is always to submit or weaken the individual attacking them to escape as quickly as possible.

Activities You Will See in Our Williamsburg Martial Arts Classes for Kids

  • Warmup: Get the blood flowing with warm up exercises, running, and basic stretching before classes begin.
  • Striking Techniques: In Jeet Kune Do, we use our hands, feet, elbows, and knees for striking opponents. Each kids karate class will focus on new techniques for both speed and power.
  • Engaging Challenges: As a way of keeping kids engaged and focused, many of our sessions include team drills, races, and obstacle courses that teach them how to work together.
  • Character Development Program: Our instructors sit down with our kids during our kids martial arts classes to discuss specific skills we are working on in addition to the physical aspect of the program. Skills such as Respect, Focus, Discipline, Self-Control and others.

Reasons Why NYMAA is the Top Choice for Learning Kids Martial Arts in Williamsburg, New York

Do you want your children to learn REAL self-defense while also staying healthy and having a great time? With more than 35 years of history serving the area, New York Martial Arts Academy offers the best kids karate classes in Williamsburg. Each class is designed to boost your child’s physical health, mental confidence, and social skills.

We always want our students and their parents to feel like they’re getting a fair amount of attention as they attend our kids martial arts classes. Depending on the Little Dragon or Young Dragon classes, we emphasize having two instructors on the floor to work with anywhere from 7-15 kids. Your child will get enough one-on-one time to help boost their self-esteem and make them feel important.

Benefits of Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

  • Focus
  • Self-discipline
  • Strength
  • Fitness
  • Teamwork
  • Mental health
  • Self-defense
  • Confidence

Check Out Our Williamsburg Location!

Do our kids martial arts classes sound like a good fit for your child? Give us a call today at 347-721-3288 to learn more or come visit our top-rated school!

You can also find our other three locations in:

We are sooo glad we decided to enroll our son here. It has helped with his personal issues as well as making new friends. Sifu are always more than willing to help provide guidance and assist with redirecting him if we have any issues. Our son has grown and learned a lot, and continues to grow through the program. Highly recommend. -Nicole Bopp (mother of a Williamsburg location student)

Read Reviews from Our Students

My son has been training at New York Martial Arts Academy for a few months and absolutely loves it! The students learn to focus, follow directions and coordination all while having fun with other kids their age! The children also have discussions about topics such as discipline, politeness, respect, etc. If you are looking for a martial arts school that respects all students and works one to one with them to help them improve their form, look no further. I highly recommend New York Martial Arts Academy! Phyllis Trilivas Phyllis Trilivas's Rating
My son has been attending classes here for two years and I only have the best to say! He has learned so much and loves going each time which is a testament to the amazing coaches and staff. We will be going for years to come! Dimitra Stellatos Dimitra Stellatos's Rating
I am truly honored to have my daughter attend here, I am satisfied with the teaching here, the instructors teach with passion, the place is welcoming, I love the bully prevention, the defense moves, and the confidence she is gaining. My daughter enjoys coming here, I highly recommend! Thank you guys and keep up the great work???????????????? popping up popping up's Rating
My daughter and I couldn’t be happier with our experience at NY Martial Arts Academy. She is treated with respect and also shown how to treat others with respect along with learning important self defence which I’m sure will lead to boosted confidence in the long run. Such a great place for kids to attend! Kimberly Ross Kimberly Ross's Rating
My son has been attending NYMAA for over a 1.5 year and overall he has gained more confidence, discipline, and love his classes. We had the pleasure of working with many of their Sifus and they are all amazing. Special thanks to Sifu Chuck, Sara, Carlos, James and everyone else that my son has worked with. We started doing private classes and then switched to group classes. Great place to have your child gained discipline and learned martial arts. Marcia S Marcia S's Rating
I am extremely pleased with instructors Sifu James, Sifu Carlos and Sifu Dino. My son has participated in their classes for the past 3 months now. have noticed a great change in my son's school work and how motivated he is to come to class! They are the best of the best!!!!! Would recommend for all ages! Víctor Santamaria Víctor Santamaria's Rating
My daughter loves it here, and I can see improvements in her character. Lenny Lam Lenny Lam's Rating