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Children's Martial Arts Queens

Kids Karate Classes in Little Neck - Queens, NY

The concept of kids martial arts is so much more than learning “cool moves” to impress friends or family members. Karate classes for kids are designed to help children learn important life lessons and develop strong character traits such as self-discipline, focus, self-control, and more.

Here at New York Martial Arts Academy, we’re dedicated to helping your kids gain these great qualities while also making new friends, learning useful skills, and having a great time! Joining our kids martial arts classes in Little Neck is one of the most powerful ways to help your child be more confident and positive in every aspect of their life.

NYMAA is the Best Choice for Kids Martial Arts Classes in Little Neck - Queens, NY


As the first New York Martial Arts Academy location we opened, our top-rated Little Neck karate classes for kids have stood the test of time. Since 1985, we have been hiring the absolute best instructors to ensure each and every student has a great time while also discovering the skills they need to succeed.

Head instructors and owners, Dino Orfanos and James Orfanos, handpick every new instructor and put them through a thorough training process, making sure they learn exactly how to teach and train young kids martial arts. All of our instructors have a minimum of 10 years of experience in a variety of fighting and self-defense styles.

Whether you have kids between 4 to 6 years old for our Little Dragons classes or between 7 to 12 years old for our Young Dragons lessons, our martial arts school is perfect for children of all ages. It’s a great after school activity to supplement their schooling, build friendships, and learn self-defense.

Local Schools Near Our Kids Karate Classes in Little Neck

  • P.S. 94 David D. Porter School
  • P.S. 98 Douglaston School
  • P.S. 221 North Hills School
  • J.H.S. 067 Louis Pasteur
  • Lakeville Elementary School
  • Brown Academy

Other Landmarks By Our Little Neck Location

  • Conveniently located on Northern Blvd., right off the corner of Little Neck Parkway.
  • We are located on the same block as the well known Italian restaurant, Il Bacco and Shaffer Funeral Home.

Help Your Children Learn Self Defense in Little Neck - Queens, NY

One of the first things we teach every child who takes our classes is that the martial arts techniques they learn are NOT to be used on family or friends. These tactics are taught as a last resort to protect themselves when they’re not able to get away from a dangerous situation.

As problems with bullying continue to grow, many of the moves and methods we teach are designed to help children escape these scenarios or fight back when necessary. Our kids martial arts classes in Little Neck teach children specific ways to defend themselves against bullies and others who may want to do them harm.

Your children will learn the martial art developed by the legendary Bruce Lee. It’s called Jeet Kune Do and has the most effective techniques that will keep your children safe. Learning proper footwork, punching, kicking and wrestling are all part of the curriculum. 

Once your kids move into the Young Dragons program, their training dives even deeper into defensive strategies as they learn grappling, ways to avoid takedowns, and how to defend themselves if they end up on their back. They will also develop additional striking techniques with their elbows and knees as well as wrestling moves to submit a bully or even adult that is trying to hurt them.

Activities You Will See in Our Martial Arts Classes for Kids

  • Warmup: Pushups, squats, running, and other movement activities to get the class prepared for the techniques planned for that day.
  • Striking Techniques: Students learn all types of striking such as punching, kicking, elbows, knees, and more to ensure they can defend themselves in a variety of ways.
  • Engaging Challenges: Our kids karate classes integrate fun drills such as obstacle courses, relay races, tug-of-war, and other games to keep everyone engaged and involved.
  • Character Development Program: We speak to our children about focus, discipline, confidence, self-control, and leadership. These characteristics are required to maximize your child’s potential. Our programs are not just about punching and kicking. It’s about giving your child the foundation needed to excel academically and beyond.

Why to Join NYMAA for Kids Karate in Little Neck, New York

New York Martial Arts Academy has been in business for a long time, giving us an advantage over other schools in the area. More and more people are recognizing our kids martial arts classes as they’ve become a staple of the local community. We teach kids REAL self-defense, supplying your children with both physical and mental benefits during their training.

Our children’s karate classes at the Little Neck location has two instructors on the floor for anywhere from 7-15 students. This allows our instructors to give your child personalized attention. Our instructors will get to know your child and help with their specific needs to ensure they reach peak performance. If your child has issues with confidence, discipline, or focus, our lessons will be hugely beneficial for them.

Benefits of Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

  • Coordination
  • Strength
  • Health
  • Focus
  • Self-esteem
  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Flexibility
  • Stamina

Come Visit Our Little Neck Location to Learn More!

Want more information about our martial arts classes for kids in Little Neck, Queens, NY? Please give us a call at (718) 281-1717 or come visit us today and check out our amazing school!

We also have three other conveniently located schools in:

“My son has been training at NY Martial Arts Academy for a year and a half. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of instruction and the results the program has given Antoni, our son. He’s much more focused and we’ve seen an improvement in his discipline as well. Not to mention he’s stronger physically and has a great time when he’s in class. I’m also confident that the self defense that he’s learning is effective and would easily stop a bully who went to hurt him. This has given my son confidence and given me peace of mind. Looking forward to seeing even more progress and how NY Martial Arts Academy will positively affect his life overall. - Steve Kontos (father of student at Little Neck location)

Read Reviews from Our Students

My son has been training at New York Martial Arts Academy for a few months and absolutely loves it! The students learn to focus, follow directions and coordination all while having fun with other kids their age! The children also have discussions about topics such as discipline, politeness, respect, etc. If you are looking for a martial arts school that respects all students and works one to one with them to help them improve their form, look no further. I highly recommend New York Martial Arts Academy! Phyllis Trilivas Phyllis Trilivas's Rating
My son has been attending classes here for two years and I only have the best to say! He has learned so much and loves going each time which is a testament to the amazing coaches and staff. We will be going for years to come! Dimitra Stellatos Dimitra Stellatos's Rating
I am truly honored to have my daughter attend here, I am satisfied with the teaching here, the instructors teach with passion, the place is welcoming, I love the bully prevention, the defense moves, and the confidence she is gaining. My daughter enjoys coming here, I highly recommend! Thank you guys and keep up the great work???????????????? popping up popping up's Rating
My daughter and I couldn’t be happier with our experience at NY Martial Arts Academy. She is treated with respect and also shown how to treat others with respect along with learning important self defence which I’m sure will lead to boosted confidence in the long run. Such a great place for kids to attend! Kimberly Ross Kimberly Ross's Rating
My son has been attending NYMAA for over a 1.5 year and overall he has gained more confidence, discipline, and love his classes. We had the pleasure of working with many of their Sifus and they are all amazing. Special thanks to Sifu Chuck, Sara, Carlos, James and everyone else that my son has worked with. We started doing private classes and then switched to group classes. Great place to have your child gained discipline and learned martial arts. Marcia S Marcia S's Rating
I am extremely pleased with instructors Sifu James, Sifu Carlos and Sifu Dino. My son has participated in their classes for the past 3 months now. have noticed a great change in my son's school work and how motivated he is to come to class! They are the best of the best!!!!! Would recommend for all ages! Víctor Santamaria Víctor Santamaria's Rating
My daughter loves it here, and I can see improvements in her character. Lenny Lam Lenny Lam's Rating