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3 Cool fitness facts about martial arts

Martial arts is a fantastic way to get and stay in shape. Martial artists are known for being strong, fast and having great endurance. Here are a few cool fitness facts about martial arts. 

1. Learning Jeet Kune Do works both the aerobic and anaerobic system. 

Aerobic fitness is the health and efficiency of your body's air circulation system: your heart. Aerobic exercises are those that increase your heart rate for an extended period.  Anaerobic workouts are also called "resistance training." These workouts push your muscles to work against above-average resistance to strengthen the muscles. Martial arts works both systems and includes every muscle group. In Jeet Kune Do you learn everything including punching, kicking, grappling and various defensive movements. We also do calisthenics which are gross motor movements. Students are often surprised that in just a few months they feel stronger, have more energy and are in an overall better mood. 

2. Since Jeet Kune Do has so much to offer its hard to get bored. 

So many of us find the gym uninspiring and boring. The cool thing about learning JKD is that it's a real applicable skill. You're getting in shape while learning something that is fun and useful. I watch students light up when they get better at a technique and it gives them confidence. There's no better feeling than growing as an individual and martial arts is a great vehicle for doing so. 

3. Nothing that I've found clears your head better than martial arts. 

I played sports growing up and have tried many fitness regimens but none have made me feel the way martial arts does. People talk about the runners high but many have no idea the even more elevated feeling that martial arts gives us. I ask students all the time how they feel after a lesson. The answer is virtually unanimous. They all feel less stressed and have a true sense of calm. Think about it, hitting mitts is great for stress relief because it gets a little frustration and aggression out. We all have things that stress us out. It's how you choose to deal with them that will make all the difference. Using martial arts is a healthy and sustainable outlet. 

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