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Kid's Martial Arts Long Island

Martial Arts Classes for Kids in Glen Cove - Long Island, NY

While kids karate is a great chance for children to have fun and learn cool new moves, these programs have so many other benefits worth mentioning. Among other advantages, young students learn a variety of new skills and traits ranging from focus and control to self-mastery and respect.

Offering the best karate classes for kids in Glen Cove, New York Martial Arts Academy has established itself as the top place to learn these great techniques. They’ll get the opportunity to make new friends while also promoting their health, wellness, and self-confidence. Parents will quickly recognize the changes in their children after only a few sessions with our top-level instructors.

NYMAA Has the Best Karate Classes for Children in Glen Cove - Long Island, NY


If you’re looking for the top kids martial arts classes in Glen Cove, look no further than the programs found at New York Martial Arts Academy. Back in 1985, we began with the highest standards for our group lessons, striving to provide all students with personal attention and opportunities to learn and grow.

Carefully choosing every instructor, owners Dino Orfanos and James Orfanos have built an incredible team of caring and determined individuals who lead their karate classes for kids. These instructors all have more than 10 years of experience in a variety of martial arts, making them well-versed in the top techniques and how to train others.

Children love our classes as they’re separated by age into two groups for optimal learning and attention. Kids between 4 to 6 years old are part of the Little Dragons and then move up to the Young Dragons level from ages 7 to 12 years old. Our amazing kids karate classes in Glen Cove are also one of the best after school activities for children to continue their education and good habits throughout the day.

Local Schools Near Our Kids Karate Classes in Glen Cove

  • Glenwood Landing Elementary School
  • Connolly Elementary School
  • Eugene J Gribbin Elementary School
  • Robert M. Finley Middle School
  • Tiegerman Middle School
  • North Shore Middle School
  • North Shore High School
  • Glen Cove High School

Other Landmarks By Our Glen Cove Location

  • Convenient location with a Parking Lot!
  • Located in the Shopping Center with CVS, directly across from 7-Eleven.

Help Your Kids Learn to Defend Themselves in Glen Cove - Long Island, NY

A great martial arts school knows that fighting isn’t the answer to every potentially dangerous situation people may face in their lives. Teaching a child the right time to walk away is just as important as helping them know how to defend themselves. In our Glen Cove kids karate classes, students learn to only use these techniques when necessary and never on friends or family.

If your child ever becomes the focus of a school bully or an adult who wishes to do them harm, these classes are designed to help them escape as quickly as they can either through evasion or by fighting back. These skills help them prevent future issues of bullying and also know how to avoid scenarios like these in the first place.

In our kids martial arts classes, instructors train students in the practices of Jeet Kune Do, which was created by the world-renowned martial artist, Bruce Lee. The techniques taught in this art form place a strong emphasis on the importance of utilizing footwork paired with striking combos that include kicks, knees, punches, and elbows.

Our Young Dragons classes go a step further as we teach the older kids additional skills such as how to avoid takedowns, defending from their back, and grappling moves when standing. Proper training during our Glen Cove martial arts classes for kids means ensuring they can either defend themselves or get away from attackers with as few strikes as possible.

Activities You Will See in Our Glen Cove Martial Arts Classes for Kids

  • Warmup: A quick conditioning session to get the students energized through everything from pushups and squats to jumping jacks and running around the training mat.
  • Striking Techniques: Instead of simply focusing on basic kicks and punches, our kids karate classes also incorporate strikes with elbows and knees as part of the most effective combos.
  • Engaging Challenges: We always try to keep everyone engaged and involved through relay races, team drills, friendly competitions, and other physical challenges.
  • Character Development Program: Our instructors take a moment in every kids martial arts class to discuss a specific monthly theme as we focus on important traits we’re trying to develop in our students. These traits include Respect, Self-Control, Focus, Discipline, and Leadership.

Advantages of Teaching Your Kids Martial Arts in Glen Cove, New York at NYMAA

Here at New York Martial Arts Academy, we know how to teach martial arts to kids in a way that is both engaging as well as beneficial to many aspects of their everyday life. The dependable instructors who train students during our kids karate classes in Glen Cove are compassionate and diligently care for each individual.

With one instructor for sessions of anywhere between 4-9 kids, you can rest easy knowing your child is getting the attention they deserve. And as their children learn REAL self-defense techniques, parents can also enjoy the many physical and mental health benefits that come from having their kids in our martial arts classes.

Benefits of Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

  • Self-confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Focus
  • Respect
  • Endurance
  • Discipline
  • Control
  • Durability

Learn More About Our Glen Cove Location!

Want your kids to be part of the best kids martial arts classes in Glen Cove? Call our location today at 516-759-7800 or drop by to see our beautiful facility for yourself!

You can also find our other three locations in:

I have been sending my daughter to NY Martial Arts Academy since she was 4 years old. There are many different types of after school activities that parents send their kids to, but it can be costly and sometimes not beneficial to the child. I highly recommend Jeet Kune Do at NY Martial Arts Academy if I were to pick only one activity for my child. The reason is, as parents of 2 girls, we find it NECESSARY for a girl to know self defense. Not only does your child know how to protect themselves, but these classes also instill confidence, discipline and respect for others. At NY Martial Arts, you will find the most professional and dedicated staff to teach your child in a safe, controlled and non-threatening environment. You will not only find a great place for your kids to train, but you definitely get a great value, as your options for your child to train are unlimited, including specialty classes. You can train once a week or 6 days a week if you choose to. This is a great schedule for busy families who don't always have a set schedule. Unlike most schools that charge the same tuition or more, but have limited days of training. I would highly recommend to check out NY Martial Arts Academy at either locations- Little Neck, Queens or Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Catherine S. (parent)

Read Reviews from Our Students

My son has been training at New York Martial Arts Academy for a few months and absolutely loves it! The students learn to focus, follow directions and coordination all while having fun with other kids their age! The children also have discussions about topics such as discipline, politeness, respect, etc. If you are looking for a martial arts school that respects all students and works one to one with them to help them improve their form, look no further. I highly recommend New York Martial Arts Academy! Phyllis Trilivas Phyllis Trilivas's Rating
My son has been attending classes here for two years and I only have the best to say! He has learned so much and loves going each time which is a testament to the amazing coaches and staff. We will be going for years to come! Dimitra Stellatos Dimitra Stellatos's Rating
I am truly honored to have my daughter attend here, I am satisfied with the teaching here, the instructors teach with passion, the place is welcoming, I love the bully prevention, the defense moves, and the confidence she is gaining. My daughter enjoys coming here, I highly recommend! Thank you guys and keep up the great work???????????????? popping up popping up's Rating
My daughter and I couldn’t be happier with our experience at NY Martial Arts Academy. She is treated with respect and also shown how to treat others with respect along with learning important self defence which I’m sure will lead to boosted confidence in the long run. Such a great place for kids to attend! Kimberly Ross Kimberly Ross's Rating
My son has been attending NYMAA for over a 1.5 year and overall he has gained more confidence, discipline, and love his classes. We had the pleasure of working with many of their Sifus and they are all amazing. Special thanks to Sifu Chuck, Sara, Carlos, James and everyone else that my son has worked with. We started doing private classes and then switched to group classes. Great place to have your child gained discipline and learned martial arts. Marcia S Marcia S's Rating
I am extremely pleased with instructors Sifu James, Sifu Carlos and Sifu Dino. My son has participated in their classes for the past 3 months now. have noticed a great change in my son's school work and how motivated he is to come to class! They are the best of the best!!!!! Would recommend for all ages! Víctor Santamaria Víctor Santamaria's Rating
My daughter loves it here, and I can see improvements in her character. Lenny Lam Lenny Lam's Rating