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Adult Programs

Study Self-Defense in Glen Cove, NY

Adult Self-Defense Classes

What is self-defense? The concept of self-defense is to have an ability to defend yourself in a dangerous situation. At NY Martial Arts Academy, we want people to know how to protect themselves no matter how big or small they are.

Our self-defense classes in Glen Cove, NY are designed to train people in the most effective techniques and moves that will allow them to get away safely. You’ll learn how to use punches, kicks, grappling, footwork, weapons defense, and other strategies depending on the scenario.

We offer self-defense for women and men who want to develop confidence while also learning Bruce Lee’s martial art of Jeet Kune Do. All of our instructors have at least 10 years of experience training people in the most efficient ways to defend themselves or avoid fighting in the first place.

Why Should I Take Self-Defense Classes?

It will only take one session for you to realize the many benefits that come with our Glen Cove self-defense classes. They are a great way to boost your self-reliance while also getting stronger and improving your physical fitness.

Defend Yourself

The top reason anyone wants to learn self-defense is so they can protect themselves against a bully or an attacker. As you develop abilities in striking, blocking, and grappling, you’ll learn the best ways to escape or disable your opponent. These classes share moves that you would see in the UFC but also include foul tactics that are illegal in combat sports. You’ll learn to box, wrestle, kick, and defend against an attacker carrying a knife.

Feel Confident

We want people to learn self-defense in Glen Cove so they can be comfortable and confident in their ability to defend against someone who wants to them harm. These classes are just as much about improving your mental strength as they are about boosting your physical strength. From the very first class, you’ll feel more self-reliant and capable of combatting a would-be attacker.

Get in Shape

While this may not be your main goal, self-defense classes naturally make you stronger and more agile. Whether you have an interest in losing weight or strengthening your muscles, our sessions are designed to ensure you get these physical benefits as well.

Learn from the Top Self-Defense School in Glen Cove

If you’re looking for the best place to learn self-defense in Glen Cove, Long Island, then give NY Martial Arts Academy a call today at 516-759-7800! Or you can book a FREE CLASS and find out in one session whether this is right for you!

NYMAA has multiple programs for Women who want to train for improved Self-Defense

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