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Kid's Martial Arts Astoria

Kids Martial Arts Classes in Astoria - Queens, NY

So many children dream of taking kids karate classes with the goal of becoming a ninja or being able to show off their new moves at school. Luckily for parents, these classes also provide a great deal of discipline, control, and focus that will help these kids throughout their entire life.

With a deep desire to help your children reach their full potential, New York Martial Arts Academy is determined to lead younger generations as they gain new skills, socialize with others around their own age, and have a blast at the same time! With the best kids martial arts classes in Astoria, we strive to boost your child’s confidence and improve their work ethic.

NYMAA is the Top Option in Astoria - Queens, NY for Kids Karate Classes


Among four New York Martial Arts Academy locations, our Astoria kids karate classes are one of the most popular in town. We’ve put together the most fantastic team of instructors who love working with children and helping them learn the benefits of martial arts.

Started in 1985, Dino Orfanos and James Orfanos, have led the way as NYMAA’s head instructors and owners as they’ve rigorously trained each member of their team to know the precise way to conduct effective and fun karate classes for kids. With a minimum of 10 years experience in various styles of martial arts, every one of our instructors has the knowledge and expertise you’d want for your children.

As one of the best after school activities, our top-rated martial arts classes for kids in Astoria are a great way for children to gain self-defense skills and make new friends. Our classes are split into two age groups, making it easier for your kids to enjoy their time and feel comfortable. Children between 7 to 12 years old can join our Young Dragons, while kids from 4 to 6 years old are welcomed into our Little Dragons classes.

Local Schools Near Our Kids Karate Classes in Astoria

  • P.S. 166
  • P.S.017
  • Our World Neighborhood Charter School
  • Long Island City High School
  • Frank Sinatra School 

Other Landmarks By Our Astoria Location

  • Located right on Broadway, right off the corner of Crescent Street.
  • A few blocks from the Broadway train stop on the N and W train.

Why Kids Should Learn Self Defense in Astoria - Queens, NY

While kicking, punching, and blocking are important things to learn as part of any kids karate class, we first focus on the time and place when these skills should be used. Your children will be taught about specific scenarios when self-defense is necessary and that it is never to be used on friends or family members.

The long-standing issue of bullying isn’t going away any time soon, which is why we emphasize quick and effective ways for your kids to either fight back or get away, if possible. By recognizing the need for your children to be able to protect themselves, you’ll see them gain confidence and self-reliance through our karate classes for kids in Astoria.

With a direct training lineage back to Bruce Lee, our instructors will train your children in the special martial art of Jeet Kune Do. This incredible fighting style will allow them to learn the best combos as well as the proper footwork to avoid and disarm bullies that may try to hurt them.

If a child starts in Little Dragons, they will begin with the most basic techniques. And once they’ve made it into our Young Dragons classes, we focus on more detailed moves and strikes that include punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. Our kids martial arts classes in Astoria also teach proper grappling tactics if they have to defend themselves from the ground.

Activities You Will See in Our Astoria Martial Arts Classes for Kids

  • Warmup: Before diving into techniques, we get the kids moving with basic cardio and conditioning like sprints, pushups, jumping jacks, and more.
  • Striking Practice: We use more than just our fists to teach self-defense for kids. They will learn multiple striking techniques with everything from their elbows and knees to their feet and more.
  • Engaging Challenges: To keep it fun, each of our kids karate classes includes unique activities like relay racing, obstacle challenges, and other team-based drills.
  • Character Development Program: Throughout the year, we focus on the importance of Self-Control, Discipline, Focus, Leadership, and Respect. Each characteristic is taught both directly and in-directly in every class. These are essential characteristics that help kids to improve their lives and achieve more.

Benefits of Joining Kids Martial Arts in Astoria - Queens, New York at NYMAA

In nearly four decades of existence, New York Martial Arts Academy has become a major part of this area’s recent history as its top martial arts school for children. With fantastic kids karate classes in Astoria, your little ones can learn real ways to defend themselves and feel safe.

We offer great teacher to student ratios that allow each child to get the attention and instruction they deserve. Our Astoria kids martial arts classes typically have between one to two instructors for anywhere from 6 to 18 children, depending on their age group. No matter what your child needs help with, we have caring teachers who are dedicated to assisting them in every way they can.

Benefits of Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

  • Balance
  • Wellness
  • Endurance
  • Concentration
  • Self-respect
  • Toughness
  • Self-control

Come Visit Us in Astoria!

Ready for your kids to join the top martial arts school for kids in Astoria, Queens NY? Call 718-278-1962 today and learn more about our kids karate classes!

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NYMAA has been great for my daughter. She has built more confidence, learned discipline and met great friends.Lenny Lam (father of an Astoria student)

Read Reviews from Our Students

My son has been training at New York Martial Arts Academy for a few months and absolutely loves it! The students learn to focus, follow directions and coordination all while having fun with other kids their age! The children also have discussions about topics such as discipline, politeness, respect, etc. If you are looking for a martial arts school that respects all students and works one to one with them to help them improve their form, look no further. I highly recommend New York Martial Arts Academy! Phyllis Trilivas Phyllis Trilivas's Rating
My son has been attending classes here for two years and I only have the best to say! He has learned so much and loves going each time which is a testament to the amazing coaches and staff. We will be going for years to come! Dimitra Stellatos Dimitra Stellatos's Rating
I am truly honored to have my daughter attend here, I am satisfied with the teaching here, the instructors teach with passion, the place is welcoming, I love the bully prevention, the defense moves, and the confidence she is gaining. My daughter enjoys coming here, I highly recommend! Thank you guys and keep up the great work???????????????? popping up popping up's Rating
My daughter and I couldn’t be happier with our experience at NY Martial Arts Academy. She is treated with respect and also shown how to treat others with respect along with learning important self defence which I’m sure will lead to boosted confidence in the long run. Such a great place for kids to attend! Kimberly Ross Kimberly Ross's Rating
My son has been attending NYMAA for over a 1.5 year and overall he has gained more confidence, discipline, and love his classes. We had the pleasure of working with many of their Sifus and they are all amazing. Special thanks to Sifu Chuck, Sara, Carlos, James and everyone else that my son has worked with. We started doing private classes and then switched to group classes. Great place to have your child gained discipline and learned martial arts. Marcia S Marcia S's Rating
I am extremely pleased with instructors Sifu James, Sifu Carlos and Sifu Dino. My son has participated in their classes for the past 3 months now. have noticed a great change in my son's school work and how motivated he is to come to class! They are the best of the best!!!!! Would recommend for all ages! Víctor Santamaria Víctor Santamaria's Rating
My daughter loves it here, and I can see improvements in her character. Lenny Lam Lenny Lam's Rating