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3 Ways How Martial Arts Class Can Help You Lose Weight

Whether it’s Karate, Aikido, or Jeet Kune Do, martial arts have grown greatly in popularity in recent years. Everyone’s reason for taking them differs; some people are looking for a new way to exercise, others are looking for self-defense, and others just want an exciting hobby. Regardless of the reasons, one fact few people think about is that martial arts can help you lose weight. Wondering how? Here are a few ways.


Like any exercise, martial arts classes start with a warm-up. While the specifics can vary from type to type, much of it is focused around cardio. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, for example, starts with running, push-ups, and movement drills. Not only do these warm-ups help cut down on injuries and prepare you for the class, they also burn hundreds of calories on their own.

Strength & Endurance

Learning and practicing drills are key to success in any martial arts class. Some classes require repeating techniques multiple times in order to fully understand them. Others require practicing strikes on bags and pads until instructed to stop. Regardless of the method, drills can help build strength, coordination, and endurance, as well as continuing to burn calories.

Eating & Sleeping Well

Ever tried to take a martial arts class right after eating a huge meal? How did it make you feel? Eating junk food or huge, unhealthy meals before a workout can often make you feel sluggish. Plus, the foods we often eat are calorie-dense portions that can contribute to weight gain. So eating smaller portions of less calorically-dense foods will not only help you concentrate and perform better in class, but will help you lose weight.

For all you night owls, an intense class in Muay Thai or Jiu-Jitsu will make sure pulling an all-nighter is the last thing on your list. Exerting so much energy during class helps to wear you out, which can lead to better, more restful sleep. With several studies linking lack of sleep to weight gain, you’ll be thankful for those extra Z’s.

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