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5 Quick Tips for Improving Performance in Martial Arts and Life 

1. Know what everyone else is doing but go above and beyond

-Martial Arts is so interesting because there tends to be this herd mentality. Ask yourself the question if I do things like everyone else what's the likelihood that I'm average or slightly above average at best? Bruce Lee became the greatest and most revolutionary martial artist by doing things drastically different than his contemporaries. 

2. Don't have empty goals

-Goals that's don't have a deadline are not goals they're empty dreams. If you don't have a plan most likely you won't achieve anything and you'll regret not going for it. 

3. Work hard but also work smart

-All successful people work hard but they also priories their time by weighing the opportunity cost of activities. Highly motivated people pencil in time for growth and learning. If you're the type of person seeking growth and self knowledge martial arts will be great for you. 

4. Be around people who inspire you

-My martial arts instructors inspired me to fulfill my potential. I've trained with the best in the world and it taught me a lot about the principles of achieving beyond even my own expectations. 

5. Never settle

-The second we think we have it we stop growing. There is always room to improve and become more well rounded and effective.

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Sifu James Orfanos