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6 Benefits of Martial Arts That Can Help Your Kids at School

Children sit at attention using self-control gained as one academic benefits of martial arts for kids.We all know that martial arts help people of all ages live healthier lives. People often miss the many benefits of martial arts for kids in school. Taking regular Jeet Kune Do martial arts classes at New York Martial Arts Academy can help your children be better students. Your child will be able to take the lessons we teach in our classes into their everyday lives, including their middle and high school classes. 

School can be a tough place for kids to figure out with disruptions, rules, and fitting in with their peers. Academic skills such as collaborating, managing stress, staying focused, organization, and earning grades can be tough. Keep reading to learn about the various benefits of martial arts for kids at school.

1. Anxiety and Stress Management

Many students get overwhelmed by the heavy demands at school. Students can struggle with academic expectations, especially if they have little free time and physical activity. Nowadays, more children than ever deal with higher levels of anxiety and stress. The breathing exercises and physicality of martial arts classes help students manage their mindset. 

2. Conflict Resolution

Martial arts highlights respect for others as a foundation. Security and conflict resolution work together in martial arts. Martial arts emphasize de-escalation to calm a situation that students share with their peers. When a student feels secure, they are able to more comfortably witness but not add to violence or aggression. 

3. Focus

Attention improves in students who regularly practice martial arts. Children develop greater attention spans while in martial arts classes that require attention to detail and the present moment. This skill will follow them into their school, where they will be able to sustain their focus better.

4. Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is a skill that begins from the outside. The discipline we practice in our Jeet Kune Do classes starts with the teacher. By being surrounded by instructors, experienced students, and their peers, children begin to absorb the self-discipline that martial artists strive to practice. This work ethic will travel with your child into their school life and even their other extracurriculars.

5. Self-Control

Extended focus and self-discipline lead to better self-control. The long-term goal of specific skill improvement in a martial arts classroom translates for students into them, setting aside distractions and minor problems to take steps toward their goals. 

6. Social Skills

Martial arts students have no choice but to interact in classes. Friendships form quickly in classes while students work together to improve and help their peers improve their skills. Keeping a positive, fun attitude in class allows students to navigate social situations, so they are better able to work with classmates at their school. 

Start Getting the Benefits of Martial Arts for Your Kid

There are many real-world applications for the lessons from martial arts classes for a child. With regular practice, they will feel better and have more success in school. New York Martial Arts Academy has classes for children and adults of all ages. We have been helping students develop skills they can use on and off the mat since 1985. We can find the right class for you!