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Benefits of a Martial Arts Summer Camp for Children in New York

Gloves are left on a mat in the open air of a martial arts summer camp.With summer underway, there are so many options for your children to experience. They will definitely want (and need) to relax, but make sure they get some exercise to stay sharp for fall. Below are our top reasons for sending your child to a martial arts summer camp.

Your Kids will be in Good Hands

The free time that summer brings seems like a dream come true for kids, but can be a nightmare for parents. Kids crave the freedom that comes with open days, but they can easily forget about the lurking dangers that parents can never seem to ignore. When your child goes to a martial arts summer class, you will know that they have supervision. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your kids are, what they are doing, and that they have adults who care about their success watching over them. 

Your Kids will Get All the Exercise They Need

Some kids want to spend their summer lounging, texting, playing video games, watching something on TV, and not being active. They should have time to relax, but getting exercise is important for their health. When they attend a martial arts camp, they will have appropriate workouts helping them get or keep in shape. The regular testing that goes with martial arts keeps up their motivation to stay healthy. 

Learning Extends Outside the Martial Arts School

There are many ways to learn, and not all of them are in the traditional classroom. Our martial arts students work on focus, discipline, respect, leadership, and self-control with our Character Development Program. These qualities extend from the martial arts classes out into the bigger world. Kids learn how to be better versions of themselves in our program. After the program is over, they will take their new tools back to school better able to work in every classroom. 

Unplug and Build Friendships

Summer is a great time to stash the devices and experience the world together. School is where a lot of kids meet, but the summer is when they get to hang out. If their friends are out of town or they want a chance to make some new ones, many kids build new friendships at summer camp. Classes are mostly grouped by age, so your child will have some things in common with their peers and classmates. They’ll always be able to have some screen time when they are done, but for a few hours, they can thrive in the face-to-face world.

Increase Self-Confidence through Learning Self-Defense

Martial arts classes and camps go through self-defense techniques no matter what the experience, skill, or age level. Self-defense will not stop all harm in the world from happening to a person, but it does teach skills and a level of awareness that keeps students safer. This awareness builds confidence by helping students feel more capable and powerful in situations that usually make people feel powerless.

NY Martial Arts Academy has four locations in New York to provide a neighborhood martial arts summer camp for kids in your neighborhood. Learn more about our summer camp program by clicking this link or sign up for camp today by giving us a call today at (877) 878-3553.