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Benefits of Martial Arts Training for Children

Benefits of Martial Arts Training for Children - New York Martial Arts Academy Blog - 56386455In a culture that seems to be saturated with violence in movies, television, video games, and even on the news, it’s normal to have some apprehension when your child tells you she would like to sign up for karate. Like many other things that Hollywood doesn’t get right, martial arts is portrayed in the media as violent and brutal. What you may be surprised to learn, however, is that the study of martial arts can actually be very beneficial to children when taught correctly.
Here’s how your children can benefit from practicing martial arts.

Self Discipline

One of the core principles of any form of martial arts is a focus on self-discipline. In an age when kids receive instant gratification, developing a strong sense of discipline and restraint can build character.

Improved Physical Fitness

Kids are encouraged to get off the couch and drop-kick their sedentary lifestyle when they practice martial arts. The movements of the martial art itself challenge your muscles and cardiovascular system. Becoming a true martial artist requires supreme fitness, but your child will also have an enjoyable activity that inspires her to keep moving.

Achieving Goals

Most forms of martial arts involve a system of colored belts that signify skill. Your child will strive towards achieving the next belt, learning valuable lessons about setting and accomplishing goals.

Self Confidence

Confidence comes with achievement, so with every belt or lesson, your child will get a boost in self-esteem. Kids who have low self-esteem usually become more confident during their martial arts journey.


From the moment your child walks into a dojo, she will learn to bow to masters and instructors. Punching, kicking, and throwing are all secondary to the unflinching respect she will show her instructor.


There are few things your child will do alone in a martial arts class. The martial arts teach kids to work together to learn new things and accomplish goals. This is a great skill to develop early on in childhood.
The benefits of martial arts training don’t end once you leave the dojo. The boost in self-confidence, peak physical fitness, and unwavering discipline can improve every area of your child’s life, including the academic and social aspects of school. New York Martial Arts Academy is looking to develop the champions of tomorrow. Help your children become the champions they deserve to be—contact us and enroll them in our children’s program today!