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Best Martial Arts Academy in (Little Neck, Queens, Brooklyn, Glen Cove)

The study of martial arts can be a very healthy and stimulating addition to your life. Martial arts is a way of life with a rich history and endless benefits. Before beginning the search for the best martial arts academy for you, take some time to ask yourself a few questions.
With the vast scope of different disciplines of martial arts, it’s important to determine what your goals are before choosing an academy.What do you want to build from martial arts? Self-defense? Fitness? Character development? Answering these questions can help guide you in the selection of your ideal martial arts academy.
 A good instructor will take an interest in your goals, help you feel confident, and expand your knowledge. A good martial arts school has instructors with multiple years of experience. Ask when the school was established and don’t be afraid to try a class. Good schools will offer an orientation and trial program.
New York Martial Arts Academy, we specialize in the art of Jeet Kune Do, a martial art system and philosophy founded by martial artist Bruce Lee. Jeet Kune Do does not adhere to patterns or sparring techniques, but rather real-life combat situations that involve kicking, punching, and grappling. If you are looking into martial arts for self-defense skills or to get in great shape, Jeet Kune Do could be greatly beneficial to you. There is also a philosophical element to Jeet Kune Do that will help you learn about yourself. To most this is even more important than the technique.
As previously mentioned, many martial arts schools offer a trial program. However, the good schools take the time to do an orientation and consultation. This is a process where the instructor begins to understand your goals and the benefits you wish to receive from martial arts. Check out and see if martial arts is a good fit for you.
The most important part of this process is to consider the attitudes of the instructors and students. A positive attitude means everything in martial arts. Martial arts is about humility, discipline, and mastering the fundamentals. Find an instructor who will help you grow and create a positive environment for you to build your character. The lessons you will learn from the martial arts will stay with you for a lifetime.