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How Martial Arts Affects Children Positively (Focus & Discipline)

Participation in martial arts can have a wide variety of positive impacts on practitioners. There are health benefits including improved cardio-vascular ability, greater flexibility, weight loss, and muscle toning. There is also the aspect of self-defense and even the bump to self-esteem.

School-age children can enjoy these benefits in addition to the improvement in their discipline. With so many sources of stimulation now more than ever, martial arts present an opportunity for children to focus.

Skill Building Leading Toward Improved Discipline

In martial arts, as in life, skills are built progressively, one leads to the next without the option for skipping ahead. To advance, children must patiently work at their level until they have mastered the skills. This slow practice may include repeating a posture, move, or sequence many times demanding constant attention and precision. 

The belt ranking system allows for no “participation awards” which eventually erode the value of achievement. When a student has earned a rank, they are granted it after a test. If the student does not have the ability, they do not move on at that point. This reinforces the student to work toward achievement, not just going through the motions.

Problems Lead to Lessons

There are also the negative reinforcers which help the student learn discipline by another route. 

Some students are late to class or even miss classes. Even if there were no immediate consequences, the late student would not be completely prepared for class. A student who misses classes will find that they do not advance as quickly as they might have hoped. Both of these inherent consequences serve to direct students toward more disciplined actions. 

Bringing It All Together

The ownership of these positive or negative experiences impart to a young person can ripple out into other aspects of their lives encouraging them to take greater responsibility if they are to have greater results. Look for changes in your child’s academic achievements and behavior after they have spent some time experiencing martial arts training.

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