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How Martial Arts Makes People More Confident & Focused on Duality Life

The styles, traditions, and philosophies of martial arts vary greatly both in their origin and in their practice. Each martial art approaches life, health, wellness, and self-defense in a different way that still aims to give a path toward a better life for its practitioners. This blog will explore Jeet Kune Do, the duality of life, and how martial arts can help build confidence.

Jeet Kune Do and the Duality of Life

Here at NY Martial Arts Academy, we offer classes in Jeet Kune Do - the martial art developed by Bruce Lee. Our head instructor learned from second and third generation teachers of Lee’s art form, so keeping true to the origins of this martial art is essential here.

Bruce Lee focused on the duality of life in his practice and teaching of Jeet Kune Do. According to the Bruce Lee Foundation, “JKD is at once “this” and “not this,” it neither opposes nor adheres to any style. To understand this fully, one must transcend from the duality of “for” and “against” into one organic unity which is without distinctions.”

We can take from this idea of duality that balance will help a person live a truly fulfilled life. To follow this practice, one must become closer to being than being “for” or “against” anything. The concept of confidence comes from the calmness of balance - confidence does not have the harsh brutality of arrogance nor the passivity of fear or anxiety. Instead, confidence sits balanced in the middle.

Building Confidence through Martial Arts

  • Practical Self-Defense - There are many dangers in the world. Martial arts teaches practical self-defense techniques that will help you feel calmer in tense situations.
  • Physical Fitness - To make any progress in a martial art, you will need to train your body. From this training comes more control, strength, flexibility, and fitness, leading to better sleep and body confidence.
  • Determination to Overcome Challenges - Many techniques can be easy to see but difficult to master. If you stay focused and continue practicing, over time, you will make progress toward proficiency in these techniques. The determination practiced in the dojo translates off the mats into accomplishing other aspects of your life.
  • More Comfortable in Social Situations - Martial arts classes demand social interaction, with the teacher and with your fellow learners. If you are willing to practice these intense techniques with someone you may hardly know, you will become much more capable of interacting with people in general.
  • Poise Under Pressure - From having someone drill techniques on and with you to sparring in a practice match, martial arts helps students learn to remain calm no matter the situation and to continue reacting purposefully.

Here at NY Martial Arts Academy, we teach Jeet Kune Do in a structured environment from second and third generation teachers. Give us a call today at (877) 878-3553 to experience a class for yourself.