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New Martial Arts Academy Available in Glen Cove Long Island NY

We at NY Martial Arts Academy are very pleased to announce the opening of our new Long Island location in Glen Cove NY. Residents of Glen Cove can now finally enjoy the unique, fresh approach the NY Martial Arts Academy offers.
Upon its grand opening in 1985, NY Martial Arts Academy became the first to offer specialized instruction in Jeet Kune Do within the entire tri state area. Since then, over 4,500 students have trained at our academy, enjoying the high standards we demand both of ourselves and our pupils. The standard we aim for and achieve is through our belief in our students attending small group lessons, in which they receive the specialized attention and constant interaction with our instructors required to flourish in martial arts.
Separating us from other martial arts academies in the NY area, is our focus on Jeet Kune Do (JKD). Now, with nearly 30 years of experience in instructing the art that Bruce Lee himself developed, residents of Glen Cove may now finally reap the mental and physical benefits that come with mastering martial arts. We offer various programs for all ages, including specialized instruction for age groups in the 4-6 years old range (Little Dragons), as well as age groups in the 7-12 years old range (Young Dragons). Children who enter our academy receive instruction in Jeet Kune Do, sparring, and grappling – with a concentrated mental focus on helping them develop respect, discipline, and integrity.
We also offer adult classes in which we focus on Jeet Kune Do, kickboxing, grappling, and general physical fitness. At NY Martial Arts Academy, our grappling classes are not limited to any single style or system. We dedicate ourselves to Bruce Lee’s many martial arts philosophies, including his lack of belief in styles—all of which (individually) are limited by unique strengths and weaknesses. We also offer a full slate of training exercises for adults that include: resistance training, plyometric training, core conditioning, flexibility training, speed and agility drills, and much more.
At NY Martial Arts Academy, we ensure our students are instructed by our superior methods of self-defense, physical fitness, and peace of mind. Residents in Glen Cove may finally embark on their journey towards obtaining the totality in martial arts training that they’ve always envisioned.