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NY Martial Arts Academy Info

From 1985 till the today we have made a decision to teach the best martial art in the world. While other martial arts schools have jumped on the hottest trends in an effort to make a buck, NY Martial Arts Academy has taught the same art since the beginning. We teach authentic Jeet Kune Do because it's an art that has more to offer than any other martial arts. It encompasses all facets of combat and has a philosophical element that is unparalleled.  Martial arts is more than punching and kicking.

The improvement of the individual on and off the training floor is what makes Jeet Kune Do so cool. If there was a better martial art out there we would be teaching it. If you have any questions about Jeet Kune Do or martial arts in general feel free to give us a call and meet one of our instructors. We will be happy to assist you in understanding the differences between other martial arts and what we do.

Our head instructor Dino Orfanos has a plethora of martial arts certificates and over 40 years of experience. He's certified to teach Muay Thai, Gracie Jiujitsu, Escrima and multiple forms of Karate. However, he made a decision to teach Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do because of all the advantages the art offers over all these other styles. Jeet Kune Do not only encompasses all facets of combat (totality) but also makes sense through kinetics and physics. 

The problem with researching JKD online is that a lot of what is shown on YouTube isn't real Jeet Kune Do. Many of these people who claim to teach JKD are heavily based on trapping alone and don't get the total picture. 

In conclusion, we at NY Martial Arts Academy look forward to helping more people discover what Jeet Kune Do has to offer.