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The Ability to Overcome Adversity Is at the Heart of Bruce Lee's Story 

At one point in his life, Bruce Lee was a struggling actor who was broke and unemployed. He was living off his wife Linda which must have been a huge ego blow to very proud man. Bruce Lee as a determined immigrant who refused to accept second-class status because he was Asian. Bruce married Linda at a time where interracial marriage was frowned upon. It is well known that Lee came up with the concept for the long-running series "Kung Fu" starring David Carradine, but was denied the opportunity to play the Shaolin monk exiled to America in the late 1880s because Hollywood executives didn't think audiences were ready for an "oriental" star. Bruce Lee has manat struggles but his ability to overcome adversity is second to none.  

He later became a movie star and the most revolutionary martial artist ever. Many people know the movie star but not many understand the impact that he's made on martial arts. He threw away a lot of the traditional nonsense hat was prevalent in his time. Jeet Kune Do is an art based on kinetics and physics as opposed to traditional movements that don't work well in a real combat situation. It's an art that includes every aspect of combat. It teaches us how to kick, punch, trap, grapple and use a weapon.  There is no need to dabble in multiple arts because JKD has everything. 

Our head instructor Sifu Dino Orfanos has a long list of martial arts certifications but taught all of us Jeet Kune Do because it's the best martial art in the world. He always says "If there was something better out there I would teach it you." 

No matter what your personal struggle may be you can overcome them. You have the strength within you to thrive. Jeet Kune Do is more about controlling your thoughts than anything physical. The ability to adapt is a critical skill in this beautiful art and in life as well. If you train or end up training one day I hope you find inner peace. 



Sifu James Orfanos