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Training in group classes

Training in the basic JKD classes gives you an overall picture of the art. We cover a wide variety of topics including the different aspects of combat and the philosophical elements of the art. Specialty classes are much more specific and focus one or two aspects of combat. This gives the instructor more time to go over the details of the topic of that class. 

Private Lessons (one on one)

This is for the most serious students who want one on one attention. The instructor gives you his full attention for the entire hour. You can ask the instructor to work on specific weaknesses in your arsenal and how to bring out your strengths as well. Privates are also good for students with hectic schedules. 

Solo training 

Solo training is great when hitting a specific point in your training that you conceptually understand the tools. At this point, you can work some whole part whole training. 

Research and development 

Reading Bruce's notes gives you insight into the various parts of the art. It opens your mind to all that is possible and helps you train smarter. If your body is overworked reading the JKD books is a great way to stay connected to the art while you recover. 

The bottom line is training in JKD is more than punching and kicking. The lessons you learn on the floor will translate into your daily living. I hope the art can be as beneficial to your life as it has been for mine. 

"The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering" -Bruce Lee 


Sifu James