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What is your health worth to you?

So many of us procrastinate getting to the fitness and health level we deserve. We all make these excuses about how busy we are or if it was just a bit more convenient we would do it. Sometimes the perceived effort that we have to put in scares us and we do nothing. If you're like me the gym bores you because it can be an uninspiring place and the workouts get dull. That's why martial arts is such a cool way to get in shape. You're doing many different kinds of movements and it's a fun skill. Of course, there's practical self-defense in every class but from a fitness standpoint, it's a great activity. Students work both their aerobic and anaerobic system. You can expect to get stronger and improve your cardiovascular system. 

The instructors at NY Martial Arts Academy are here to help the students. If you get confused about a technique or are struggling in the class please ask the instructor for help. If you don't show up for a few weeks we give you a call to make sure everything is ok and we pencil you in to come back and train. No other fitness facility does that. The gym will never call you if you don't show up.  

Would you be able to protect yourself and loved ones if a situation turned physical and violent?

I know it's a really hard thing to think about but it's possible that you will be attacked. You deserve both the knowledge and the practical skill of self defense. Being able to defend yourself gives you confidence and a level of comfort in situations where others would fold. Jeet Kune Do is a self defense based art. It's not a ring sport bound by rules. Bruce Lee created this awesome art for people who were looking to leant about themselves and be liberated. 

Call 347-721- 3288 and ask about our free trial program. That's the best way to know if this is a good fit. It's a no obligation offer. If you love the lesson then great, we get you started. If not, no hard feelings. However, I have a feeling you're going to love it. 


Sifu James Orfanos