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Will a Kids Karate Class Teach My Child Effective Self Defense Skills?

Kids Martial Arts Classes

Unfortunately, bullies are a problem that has plagued schools since the dawn of formal education. For some reason, some kids think that teasing and hitting others is the way to increase self-esteem and popularity. One of the most difficult things for parents to endure is to have a child who is the victim of bullying. Parents are often left feeling completely helpless and look to kids martial arts classes as a way to equip their child with the necessary skills to take care of themselves in the event of a physical attack from a bully.

Karate classes are great for kids who experience bullying, but perhaps for different reasons than what seems readily apparent. Of course the children learn how to strike with their arms and legs, as well as how to use blocking techniques, but karate experts know that the most valuable skills that students learn are not physical.

When kids take a karate class, they quickly enjoy many benefits, including increased physical fitness, socialization, self-esteem, and self-confidence. These aspects of karate are often what keeps bullies at bay because these children no longer carry themselves in a shy, timid fashion. Bullies usually pick on kids who are viewed as easy targets. When your child no longer looks like an easy target, they are frequently left alone, avoiding the need to employ their self-defense skills.

At NY Martial Arts Academy, our trainers are experts when it comes to working with kids who want to improve their self-defense skills. Our highly skilled teachers are not only masters in the art of karate, but they have also developed outstanding interpersonal skills and are viewed as mentors by many of the participants. This relationship also has a positive effect on a child’s social and emotional well-being. 

Whether your child wants to learn self-defense strategies, or if you would like your son or daughter to have an opportunity for socialization with peers and a chance to experience confidence and determination, contact NY Martial Arts Academy or stop by one of our locations today!