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Blocking, Evasion, Interception

When studying Jeet Kune Do, Defense is categorized as Blocking, Evasion and interception.
Blocking is just as the word implies, stopping and opponents strike with a body part that was not the opponents intended target.  Blocking is the least efficient of all defensive measures because the body is still receiving impact and the person has not done anything from stopping his opponent from striking him further.
Evasion simply means getting out of the way of the impending attack.  I.E. bobbing and weaving under a hook punch.  Evasion is the 2nd most efficient form of the defense.  The body is not receiving impact but I have not stopped my opponent from throwing further strikes.
Interception means that my strike lands any time before my opponent's strike.  I.E. The straight lead lands before my opponent's striking motion.
Interception is the core of Bruce Lee's martial art of Jeet Kune Do.   Here at New York Martial Arts Academy we believe in teaching all 3 methods of defense.

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